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End trade war

Arkansans will be among the hardest hit by President Trump's attempts to strong-arm foreign leaders through economic manipulation.

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End trade war

Arkansans will be among the hardest hit by President Trump's attempts to strong-arm foreign leaders through economic manipulation. China's soybean market, "the largest market for one of America's largest exports" according to The New York Times, is punishing its U.S. counterpart for the president's trade war. Consequently, America's soybean market has seen its sales drop 94 percent compared to last year's harvest. Arkansas's soybean farmers, already dealing with behind-schedule harvesting and poor weather conditions, must now suffer the repercussions of the conflict Trump created. With the livelihoods of the state's farmers being used as tools of manipulation, our leaders in Congress must be at the forefront in urging Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to seek a resolution to the crisis the tariff war is creating. I have already contacted my House representative and Sens. John Boozman and Tom Cotton. I hope you will as well.

Lindsay Bencick Little Rock

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In response to the Nov. 12 Arkansas Blog post "Tax task force proposals benefit, surprise, corporations and the top 1 percent":

We must remember that our revolution started over taxes, unfair taxation. It's the money, it's always THE MONEY. There's that name Jim Hendren again; let's make sure he gets shown the door in the next election. Is there a Hutchinson or Hendren that isn't sucking at a government tit?

The R's have a limited time to make all the hay they can and they know it. Our Brownbacking will accelerate now the elections are over.

More poor people must prepare to get the ax so those living behind fancy gates can save a little more in taxes. Asa to poor people: Drop dead!


I'd always been so struck by how little the mainstream press covers these plutocracy issues. The tax cuts, the cozy capitalism, personal enrichment, lobbying careers for ex-officials, on and on.

THEN, one day, oh, 10 years ago or so, it struck me like a heart attack that, hey, wait a minute, there's this entire PROFESSIONAL class just below these top-level folks who make their livings propagating these myths: media companies that don't want to rock the boat and or risk the bottom line, and on and on.

Admittedly, I was embarrassed by the obviousness of this revelation, but I'd recently gone into a sort of retirement at that point, not fully retired, but it gave me much more time to read articles to the very end, pay more attention, subscribe to more magazines and journals, and it was just so obvious there are sacred cows the media won't prod, especially on a national level.

And I was struck too by the idea that, hey, wait a minute, it's not like media folks get certified, it's not regulated, anybody can publish a blog or a newsletter, so why do I just assume because it's served to me as "media" that it's more than likely accurate? I often hear people bemoan the loss of local journalism as the culprit in our sensationalized news culture, and I do bemoan that loss as well, but there are outlets, like the Arkansas Times, that do their part. I visit a few times a day, and even more when I'm on a posting frenzy!

I think the focus is on the wrong people. The Times can only reach so many people. But the national media has all of the money and resources and contacts, and they do such a disappointing job. If you watch cable news, pay attention to what these folks criticize, what they don't mention, what they gloss over, and it becomes very clear in no time that they are not real journalists or news media. But they've got us hooked. Brilliant message-management, marketing, advertising and the whole lot of business acumen.

The mainstream media is letting us down, and it's going to ruin us, and nobody is really talking about it.

Geronimo Rex

Im response to the Nov. 9 Arkansas Blog post "For the record: Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a) a liar b) full of 'HuckaBS' ":

The pathetic attempt to use the edited video (edited in a hilariously, to the point of satire, bad way by an InfoWars flunky) to "prove" their point about [CNN reporter Jim] Acosta "assaulting" the aide is in keeping with the lying of this administration, but its lies are so easy to debunk.

Did Sarah not think that with the millions of copies of the unedited video on the Internet, anyone over the age of 3 wouldn't immediately spot her fake version?

Or maybe she didn't care. The MAGA morons would, of course, accept her version as real, given that they live in the alternate universe of Fox "news" and Hannity.

Was it all a setup?

If the issue was stopping Acosta from speaking into the mic (in the process of asking Doofus very legitimate questions), why send a female aide to execute a mic grab?

It was a wireless mic; all the White House press room sound tech would have had to do was turn off the audio feed signal coming from that mic and Acosta would have been effectively cut off.


This administration is all about belittling anyone who dares challenge Trump. There is no room for genuine debate or investigative questions. I really feel there will be deep shame amongst my friends who blindly follow Trump once the Mueller probe is completed.

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