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Election reactions



Election reactions

The (anti) Family Council is surely savoring their most recent political “victory” on election day with the passage of Arkansas Act 1. This ill-conceived piece of legislation amends the Arkansas Constitution to limit adoptions and foster parenting only to “cohabiting” married couples. This underhanded measure was obviously aimed at heading off same-sex couples from adopting or fostering children in need. The Family Council and its extremist followers placed a much higher priority in scoring a gay-bashing, headline-grabbing victory rather than doing what is best for the children.

Suppose the parents of two children become incapacitated or deceased, leaving those children without caregivers. Let's further suppose that a will is left behind stating that the children are to be placed in the care of an aunt, who does not happen to be married. Rather, she is “cohabiting.” Per this measure, it appears that the children would be removed from the family they know and love. Now imagine that these are your children who end up in state custody. The mere thought of this enrages me.

If you are fed up with the Christian Right trying to dictate their ideals on the rest of us, contact the Family Council and let them know. I predict that this amendment will encounter many challenges and will not remain on the books.

Derek Welker



Now that gays are not allowed to adopt in Arkansas, I hope its heterosexual population will step up to the plate and adopt every single homeless child in the state. I mean, they brought 'em into this world...

Christopher Murphy

Orlando, Fla.


In our lifetime we have seen the beginning of the end of limitations based on race. But we also saw a choice made Tuesday, a choice that will determine the future of our children. Arkansas voted to protect the children in your state by only allowing married couples to adopt them. Your choice has now created a gap between potential parents and the lives their potential children were meant to have.

By taking away the opportunity of thousands of potential parents to offer safe and loving homes to thousands of children you have also taken on the responsibility of those children. If you believe that only a married couple can adopt children, which you stated with your vote, then you now have an obligation to every child your choice now affects.

I challenge each of you today to bring a child into your home. To every married couple a child. Because if you do not take these children in and give them the homes you believe only you have the right to offer, then who will?

Chad Greene

Huntington, W.Va.


I early voted at the Sid McMath library. I showed up around 8:30 a.m. and, yes, was one of the first ones there. Then the magic started happening. I was in awe at the number of people showing up. It was really fun. I could not get over the number of people — young, old, disabled, etc. — who came to vote.

My experience renewed my faith in the human race. Maybe, just maybe, we as Americans can still pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and be the nation we truly are in our hearts.

Beverly A. Clary

Little Rock

Likes Lu

Unfortunately, Lu Hardin's name and reputation have been blackened by the scandal at the University of Central Arkansas. So sad, because there was never a blemish before. Quite the contrary. Hardin had raised the stature and enrollment of UCA higher than ever. Its honors college is one of the best in the nation, due to Lu Hardin's leadership.

Why would an honorable man of his intelligence write a memo that cost him so much? He has a proven track record of being trustworthy, honorable, honest, respected and reliable. So why? I believe there is another explanation.

I have witnessed first-hand the ravages of radiation on my mother. Radiation burns deep and damages internal organs that were not the intended target. Due to Lu Hardin's extreme radiation to his eye, the brain would have to have been affected. The frontal lobe, directly behind the eyes, is the “reasoning” section of the brain.

This could be a reasonable and logical explanation of why this honorable man made such an unreasonable error.

Janie Lay

Heber Springs

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