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Efforts to 'overtake' the U.S. government


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It's full to the bream:

"'Bayou Bartholomew is a very diverse body of water that's clearly very popular among fishermen,' Seymour said. 'We have all species of bass, crappie, brim and buffalo catfish.' "

"Forrest Wilder of the Texas Observer appeared on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show to discuss the New Apostolic Reformation, an evangelical Christian group that sees Texas Gov. Rick Perry as their chance to overtake the U.S. government."

The New Apostolic Reformation wants to overtake — that is, catch up with and possibly surpass — the U.S. government? In what way, I wonder? In providing health care for the sick, food for the hungry, schooling for the unlearned? I doubt it. The NAR sounds like a group more interested in taking over the U.S. government, and putting a stop to this foolish humanitarianism.

Perry's presidential candidacy reminds me of the 1996 campaign, when Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and running behind another senator. Somebody on Saturday Night Live suggested a slogan: "Phil Gramm! If Bob Dole's not mean enough for you!" Nobody will out-mean Rick Perry this time around, I suspect.

Bob Lancaster notes an erroneous report that Perry threw his name into the ring. It's the candidate's hat, not his name, that gets tossed.

Theodore Roosevelt apparently was the first presidential candidate to use the expression. While seeking the Republican nomination in 1912, TR said "My hat's in the ring. The fight is on, and I'm stripped to the buff."

Safire's Political Dictionary says, "Roosevelt popularized a boxing phrase used on the American frontier. When a Westerner decided he was willing to fight all comers, he threw his hat in the prize ring, similar to 'throwing down the gauntlet' in the days of chivalry."

Bonnie Luck submits a quote from one identified as "the teacher of the year":

"Self-esteem is one of the things I try the hardest to address because if a child doesn't feel good about themselves, I can't teach him anything."


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