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Editorials, Oct. 25

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As Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has noted, nobody's been more thoroughly investigated than Hillary Clinton, and she always comes out clean. Since Republican officials and journalists began pursuing Hillary and her husband a quarter of a century ago, swarms of their party's lobbyists and officeholders have been sent to the Big House, yet people like Dennis Milligan, chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, still claim it's the Clintons who need watching. Now, as in the beginning, the Milligans lean on writers like the discredited Jeff Gerth, who has a new book out accusing Hillary of wrongdoing. Citing Gerth's book as if there were some truth to it, Milligan asked McDaniel to investigate Hillary Clinton's activities in her husband's 1992 presidential campaign. A Democrat and the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in Arkansas, and of sound mind too, McDaniel replied that the law Hillary was accused of breaking wasn't on the books until 1993, and attorneys general don't initiate investigations anyway. Milligan was uninterested in the response, of course. Harassment was his aim, and he was no more concerned with the truth of the matter than Gerth was.

Why the Clintons inspire such hatred has never been clear to us. It can't be advocacy of a far-left agenda, which right-wingers sometimes accuse them of. A critic said the other day that Hillary is the most liberal person ever to run for president. A cautious middle-of-the-roader, like her husband, she's not even the most liberal this year. Thirty years ago, moderate Republicans were farther left than Hillary is now.

Whatever their motives, the Clinton-haters will go on hating, apparently. Fortunately for the Clintons, and for the country, the haters are in the minority.

Wake up, Louisiana

The New York Times writes of Louisiana's new governor, “He takes over what is now the nation's poorest, most uneducated, and most unhealthy state.” (And one deficient in natural beauty, we might add, though there's little the new governor can do about that.) If Bobby Jindal is to uplift Louisiana, he must reorder the state's priorities. Louisiana children remain hungry, sick and illiterate while the state gives all its resources, and all its love, to the football team at Louisiana State University. Let Bobby Jindal say “The money that's been spent on football scholarships and weight rooms will now be used for textbooks and free lunches in the schools. Louisiana will no longer tolerate the squandering of its resources on frivolous athletic competitions. Geaux Tigers, and I mean that literally.” If he says that, he'll be remembered.

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