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Dumb and Dumber


On May 20, Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley released a report on what he said was a scheme between Little Rock School Board member Tim Clark, Mills High principal Michael Nellums, and Nellums' neighbor Ervin Bennett to set up fellow school board member Gwen Williams in a video that made it appear she had accepted a bribe. He's innocent, Clark claims, never talked to Bennett about setting up Williams and "will make every effort" to clear his name.

No charges will be filed, because dumb apparently ain't illegal yet, but the prosecuting attorney's file that backs up Jegley's report reads like a James Bond parody, including a cloak-and-dagger gas-station money drop of $2,500 concealed in a Ritz Cracker box, a hastily-scribbled phone script Bennett said Clark gave him during a clandestine meeting at Cheers restaurant in Maumelle and an audio tape Clark made during a meeting with a mysterious man he said he knew only as "Irv" on University Ave. The audio recording of that meeting, made after Clark knew investigators were digging into the matter, starts and stops 13 times in the course of under five minutes of tape, with the uncut parts coincidentally containing instances of Clark imploring "Irv" to tell the truth about what he knows about the case.

It's clear from the beginning that Clark is no master of international espionage, with the tape starting like this:

UNKNOWN: "Is that thing on?"

TIM CLARK: "Yes. I mean, no. It's not on. It's off. Why?"

For lots more information on the case, browse our May 24 digest of the prosecutor's file at

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