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Dining updates Oct. 28


COMMUNITY BAKERY There are lots of sandwich variations offered here at lunch — some of the basic egg-salad-on-whole-wheat and the like, or more adventurous styles such as Italian-style panini sandwiches. And there’s usually a chef’s special sandwich as well, which this particular day was a tempting combo of meats and cheeses, the roast beef being most prominent. Still, we went with our heart set on some of the best chicken salad — CB’s almost-legendary tarragon version — while our dining companion was determined to get “the best egg-salad around” (Companion’s words, not CB’s). It lived up to what we’d hoped, though Companion nearly made a mess of the egg salad, piled between two regular slices of wheat. Our chicken salad may not have been as flavorful in tarragon as we remembered it, but it was tasty nonetheless, rich with mayo and breast meat. There is so much temptation here, particularly in the sweet department, with a slice of chocolate meringue pie running less than $2. It was no surprise to us that, as late as we arrived, the store was out of its terrific tollhouse cookies. It had been a while since we’d visited CB, but we left assuring each other we’d be returning soon. 1200 S. Main St., 375-7105 (also: 270 S. Shackleford Road, 224-1656). BLD 7 days. $-$$ CC No alcohol. DIXIE CAFE Experiencing a sudden yen for a chicken fried steak the other day, we recalled that this place used to have a pretty good one. It still does, though the smallish lunch version was insufficient for a person in the grip of a yen. The chicken fried steak is one of many “Southern classics” on the menu (fried pork chops, chicken and dumplings, catfish, etc.) along with Southern-style side dishes like baked squash (good) and fried okra (typical restaurant fare). It’s mass production of down-home dishes, and a lot of people like it. An old-fashioned soda fountain serves up shakes, malts and banana splits. 1301 Rebsamen Park Road, 663-9336. LD 7 days $-$$ CC No alcohol.

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