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Denny does White Water


9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.

There's an element of the fabulous to North Little Rock native Chris Denny's songs. Not in the pink pumps way, but in the etymological way, one that gives you “fable” and leads quickly to “folk tale.” It's music out of time, sung by an uncommonly soulful 22- year-old in a startling, showman's tenor, far removed from the mewling and moping of most current folk practitioners. A Localist reviewer compared them to old WPA photographs, which seems a nice touchstone, minus the poverty. The music is nothing if not rich in spirit and craft. That he's named his backing band the Old Soles is a bit on the nose, but no matter, it suits them. His 2006 debut has received scads of positive press from local and national (including a choice pick on NPR) outlets, so why not stop in and witness the next American phenomenon, just as good as the old American phenomenon? He'll be performing on Friday, along with his band, and on Saturday, with Giant Bear, a self-described “orchestral funkabilly” band. Shows start at 9 p.m. both days. FB.

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