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Dem party ED resigning

Cook to leave position in April

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Executive Director Michael Cook tonight confirmed for the Arkansas Times that he will soon submit his resignation, which will be effective sometime in April. He said the timing of this decision had nothing to do with the ongoing race for party chairman. (The election is scheduled for Feb. 5.) "I had plans to announce it after the election," Cook said, but he made his decision public when directly asked about it by a reporter. He is waiting until April to step down because he is helping to organize a meeting of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, which will take place April 7-9 in Little Rock. Cook says he will become a private political consultant after leaving the Democratic Party. "I will have been at the party for four years in March," Cook said. "That is two election cycles, which is longer than most [executive directors] serve. I'm probably the second-longest-serving ED." He added, "It has been a great honor to serve, and I have met lots of wonderful people across the state."

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