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Daredevils at Alltel

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It isn’t lost on freestyle motorcyclist Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg how he got his big break to join Tony Hawk’s “Boom Boom HuckJam Tour.” One of his longtime motocross friends crashed. “I’d been riding over the years and a couple of my buddies were on the tour,” Stenberg said. “One of them got hurt and I was filling in for him. I’ve stayed on.” So people can get hurt doing the wild acrobatics that make up Hawk’s show, scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday, July 1, at Alltel Arena, but the riders know that going in, Stenberg said. “This tour is the best of the BMX riders, skateboarders and motocross tours. It’s not a competition between us, it’s just a show, but every time we get on our bikes we’re risking our lives,” he said. “But you’re not going to be doing anything good if you’re afraid of being hurt or if you go in scared.” The California native has been perfecting his free-style skill for years. That’s the case, in their respective areas, for all these daredevils. The main one, of course, is skateboarder Tony Hawk, who has loned his name to the out-of-this-world PlayStation 2 games and such that teen-agers (and their parents) scarf up by the thousands. Stenberg says he has all of the Hawk video games. When Stenberg met Hawk for the first time last year, he found him “a very cool person, just like I expected. He’s been the best at skateboard.” But, when I asked what specifically the troupe is doing to draw large crowds all around the country, Stenberg said, “I’m not going to let any of the secrets out of the bag. But I’ll say it’s definitely one of the best tours around. It’s going to be two-and-a-half hours of action and amazing stunts. “Definitely, riders and skaters come out with bumps and bruises on them, but that’s part of the show. It’s pretty much PlayStation 2 in the arena, bikes doing back flips and stuff.” Hawk’s tour is in its third year. In addition to Hawk, his dream team of skateboarding includes Andy Macdonald, Lincoln Ueda and Sergio Ventura. The BMX lineup features Mat Hoffman, Dennis McCoy, Chad Kay and Kevin Robinson. The Motocross free-style riders with Stenberg are Drake McElroy, Ronnie Foist, and Dustin Miller. DJ Aero pumps the music throughout, and this tour features the most elaborate ramp system yet and a 30-foot roll that will launch riders 42 feet through the air over the vertical ramp, then shoot them off to top of a 20-foot tall quarter pipe. “ Despite the high-level of excitement and thrills that could be a bit much for youngsters, it’s a show that all ages should enjoy, Stenberg says. Tickets range from $21.75 to $76.75 and are available through Ticketmaster (975-7575, www.ticketmaster.com) or the arena (975-9000). Alltel Arena has its makeup date for the Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas show that’s been postponed twice: now it’s Saturday, Oct. 29. Perfect for this market, as the Arkansas Razorback football team is off that weekend.

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