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Neighbors of the Cathedral School are raising Cain over the school’s application to close Spring Street between 16th and 17th streets to allow children to safely cross the street that divides the school’s campus.

The school had asked for a hearing on abandonment of the street for the July 19 agenda meeting of the Planning Commission, but last week the school’s headmaster, Diane Brownlee, e-mailed the commission to say the street only needed to be closed during school hours. The petition has now been deferred until the Aug. 30 meeting.

It’s possible the school could work with the city’s traffic engineer to arrange a temporary closure, rather than go through the Planning Department, zoning manager Dana Carney said.

An opponent of the request complained to the Downtown Neighborhood Association last week that the city should not turn over a public street to a religious institution.

Best-dressed back

If you don’t read USA Today’s annual college football special, you missed an interesting anecdote about Darren McFadden, the University of Arkansas running back who’s a candidate to win the Heisman Trophy.

A feature on McFadden recounts how he likes to don costumes, such as a clown suit that he wore to class last Halloween. But that isn’t all. Reported USA Today about his days at Oak Grove High School:

“ ‘He wore dresses to school,’ says McFadden’s favorite high school teacher, Leecie Henson.

“Say again?

“Yes, dresses. And not just on Halloween.

“At times, McFadden would raid his grandmother’s closet, and who knows where else, and wear the most hideous looking outfits he could find to school. ‘He has the ugliest legs ever,’ Henson says. ‘He would wear these dresses with tennis shoes, and after a while the teachers would get used to it. He just loves to make people laugh.’ ”

Running again

Little Rock District Judge Lee Munson, who presides over criminal court, says he’ll be running for re-election next year. Munson, 70, says he getting the word out because Deputy Prosecutor Hugh Finkelstein had informed him he’d be running next year, too.

“My health is good. My head’s on straight. I don’t have any hobbies. I try to do a good job. I want to do it again,” said Munson, who draws state judicial retirement for years as a chancellor in addition to district court pay.


That Sweet 16 party for a Little Rock teen will air at 8 p.m. July 16, says Caroline Cossey, co-owner of Pinky Punky. Cossey said MTV called with the heads up because the women’s fashion store sold the $500 Jovani turquoise charmeuse dress that Alysson Walker wore for her party in May. We’ve written previously about the affair — and some serious bling loaned by Sissy’s Log Cabin — for the daughter of former state Sen. Bill Walker, now director of the state’s workforce education effort.

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