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In your article about Blanche Lambert Lincoln: It's not Randolph-Macon for Women College, it is (or was, when she and I went there) Randolph-Macon Woman's College.

 Margaret Shirley Hein

R-MWC Class of 1983


Dr. Tiller — and others

Please convey to Dr. William Harrison my deepest appreciation for his article on Dr. George Tiller. Both men are to be admired for protecting women's health in a sea of irrational animosity.

It's hard to believe we live in the United States when reading about the circumstances those two doctors, their staff and patients endured. Dr. Harrison's and Dr. Tiller's courage are an inspiration for me to raise a fair-minded and kind son. Having survived one healthy and wanted pregnancy and the beautiful result, I remain committed to the laws of this country as do the doctors. Mother nature and medical science do present some difficult questions for us mere mortals. I am so grateful for doctors like them who will help in the course of addressing those questions. We would all be better off if there were more like them, those who practice compassion, not hate.

Darby Wallace

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When the family of Dr. George R. Tiller announced that his abortion clinic had closed down for good, millions of “Christians” prayed thanks to Jesus from their pews, saying God be praised that such an institution has been shut down. Such prayers will, of course, scarcely mention the murder of Dr. Tiller by a man well-known within their movement. Dr. Tiller's murderer predicted more such murders, and he was right. The news story next to the clinic closing was about a Muslim man in Little Rock who claimed that his shooting of an Army recruitment officer was justified, because American soldiers are killing Muslims in the Middle East. The next day, a white supremacist opened fire at the Holocaust Museum, killing a black guard. Like Dr. Tiller's murderer, this Jew-hater is well-known among both law enforcement agencies and extremist circles.

The members of these political groups, the types of people who elevate their goals above the most fundamental moral principles, share a common physiologic deformity, the mental inability to surrender their sense of “tribe” and “belonging” to simple, common decency. Truth-crazed fundamentalist Christians and gun-toting Muslims exhibit a simple pattern of cognitive deformity. There's something very basic missing upstairs.

Paul Chesle

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New man at UCA

The new head man has been chosen for the University of Central Arkansas. Wouldn't you know that it is the same person that they allowed to submit his paperwork later than the others?

Trustee Rush Harding has made a remark that it was time for new leadership at the university. I AGREE! Starting with Rush Harding and the rest of the good ole boys on his board that allowed the travesty recently played out there. That whole incestuous cabal needs to be flushed down the dumper and the sooner, the better.

How in thunder do the taxpayers find any trust in the same crew that allowed/helped Lu Hardin to do illegal and unethical depredations upon the personnel and finances of that university? That same bunch now fudges the rules in order to appoint Allen Meadors as president. Information is still being withheld under interim President Tom Courtway's management and that of certain others there. The prosecutor's office now is investigating alleged illegalities and he says he'll likely let us know what he uncovers? Will he, really?

Meanwhile, Lu Hardin still has close to a million dollars that mess of crooks paid him for screwing up royally and showing poor regard for both faculty and the student body.

To add insult to injury, the one board member who let us know of this whole shebang was NOT reappointed as a board member. That was one thing the faculty asked be done, but was not granted. Why not?

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Neither can we hope for good results from any actions taken by this UCA board of directors as presently constituted.

Karl J. Hansen


No help in NLR

I first arrived in Arkansas in 1984, fresh out of veterinary school, believing that I could attain my dream of owning my own practice. In 1988, I built an attractive facility based on an award-winning design from one of the popular trade journals. All went as planned for years with no major real estate problems. In a few years, North Little Rock annexed my property and the taxing began. I abandoned my functional well and septic system, paid for a license to do business within the city, paid for city water and sewer to be brought to mine and adjacent properties and paid an extra $7,000 plus per year for over 10 years for special improvement taxes. Several of my neighbors hooked on to the now-available city water without paying for the privilege. Within the last several years, North Little Rock city engineers approved plans for the businesses on either side of me to build up their properties prior to constructing their commercial buildings. This caused the outflow of storm water from my parking lot to be blocked, causing a pool of green water to collect in all but the driest weather. I have repeatedly contacted city engineers about this problem and met with one of them, Ed Chapman, at my property. From the onset, Mr. Chapman was unwilling to accept responsibility for allowing the problem to exist. Mr. Chapman and his colleague, Mike Smith, inform me that it will not be that expensive to correct the problem and that it is against the law for the city to do work on private property. There is a 20-foot easement between my property and the adjacent properties that I thought existed for such situations. I keep encouraging them to “do the right thing” and accept their role in this problem and fix it. They don't appear to share my views. I pointed out that it is their job to prevent situations like this from occurring in the first place.

Now, I am trying to sell my property. The storm water being prevented from escaping lowers the value of my property and turns away potential buyers. If you are a business or residential owner and new construction is allowed to occur around you, be aware. This could happen to you.

Lea Bove' DVM

North Little Rock


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