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8 p.m., Verizon Arena. $31.75- $101.75.


According to the numbers, Dane Cook stands at the zenith of the modern comedy mountain. His 2005 album “Retaliation” went double platinum, and he became the second comic to sell out Madison Square Garden two years later. But he's taken a ritual beating for material-jacking, and it's been argued that his over-animated delivery robs his bits of context. For specifics, hunt down Joe Rogan's scathing revelations of how Cook lifted material he watched Rogan perform live. Or dig up the shameful lifting of three Louis C.K. bits from 1996, which resurfaced via Cook in 2003. A 2006 Rolling Stone article zaps Cook for a joke originally performed by Emo Philips. For someone claiming, “I want to be the heavyweight comedy champion of the world,” racking up shoplifting charges may not be the way to go. PP.

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