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Controversial Coulter visits Philander


  • AT PHILANDER: Coulter.

Right-wing television commentator and author Ann Coulter, whose appearances at colleges and pronouncements about the current state of politics often have stirred controversy, will appear on Thursday, Jan. 26, at Philander Smith College.

Coulter’s appearance, beginning at 7 p.m., is part of “Bless The Mic: A Hip-Hop President’s Lecture Series” at PSC’s M.L. Harris Auditorium. There is no admission charge.

Coulter is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, including “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must),” “Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism” and “Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right.”

Coulter was a lawyer and congressional staffer before becoming one of the faces of the conservative side of American politics. She is a frequent guest on TV, appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes” and “The O’Reilly Factor,” CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports,” “At Large With Geraldo Rivera,” “Scarborough Country,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and“Good Morning America,” and has been profiled in numerous publications. She was named one of the top 100 Public Intellectuals by federal judge Richard Posner in 2001.

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