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Compromise, damn you


Having previously ruled that "money" is "speech," and "corporations" are "people," a marauding U.S. Supreme Court may be about to rule that "aggression" is "cooperation" and "surrender" is "compromise," and tipped fellow Republicans that the decision is coming.

That would explain why state Rep. John Burris of Harrison, the Republican leader in the House, is insisting that Gov. Mike Beebe step aside and let Burris make the decisions regarding state government, at least the important ones. Burris is fully partisan, but likely even more full of it — partisanship — when somebody higher up gives him cover.

While the legislature was in recess, before the current fiscal session convened, Burris didn't tell the governor or Democratic legislators that he was preparing his own state budget. It was only after the time-limited session convened that Burris threatened Republican blockage of Beebe's budget unless substantial cuts were made. He said the governor and Democratic legislators must accept his demands or be guilty of refusal to compromise. His is the sort of "compromise" that Hitler wanted from Poland.

Republicans in the U.S. Congress have made that body dysfunctional by their extreme and unvarying opposition to any Democratic initiative. President Obama has learned, painfully, that no amount of concession will satisfy them. Burris seems to have the same thing in mind for the Arkansas legislature: Bring the people's government to a halt, before the people get too big for their britches.

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