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Come on, Kris



Come on, Kris

Kris Allen may be the newest American Idol, but he clearly isn't God's gift to music, or to Arkansas. On May 26, Kris made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Naturally, Fallon minimized Arkansas and asked Kris if there was much of a music scene in Little Rock. Kris had the perfect opportunity to tell him that the Little Rock music scene is vibrant, full of some of the most creative and inventive musicians and artists in the country. Instead, in his ignorance, he told Fallon, and the rest of the nation, that there wasn't a scene here in Little Rock, and very few places in which to play a show.

I'm tired of Little Rock getting a bad rap because of ignorant and ridiculous comments such as these. I'm proud to have had the chance to grow up here, and to continually benefit from the hard work of so many talented artists and promoters so that I could have a show (or 10) to go to every week.

In fact within this past month I have had the privilege to see: American Princes, Magic Hassle, The See, Big Boots, American Aquarium, Stella Fancy, Glossary, Christopher Denny, Kevin Kerby, Jonathan Wilkins, Frown Pow'r, The Wisenheimers, Cory Branan, Mr. Bear and others, most of which are local. All of which played at a variety of venues, and work hard to keep this scene going and play a better show than Kris Allen ever will.

Do you your research, Kris. Ignorance doesn't look as good on you as that leather jacket does.

Liz Sendejo

From the Internet

Another LR lover

Thanks to my old friend (and former editor) Starr Mitchell for pointing out in the June 4 issue what a wonderful city we citizens of Little Rock enjoy. Easily the “Queen City of the South,” she stands like an old friend at the end of the road each time I come home to Quapaw Tower and enjoy the skyline with a glass of medicinal wine (or two depending upon the severity of my infirmities). I am doubly blessed in that my profession takes me daily to one or more of the other wonderful cities of our state, but there is just something about the “City of Roses” that makes me, when I crest the Dixon Road Hill and see our city arrayed in all her glory, think of the words of John Ruskin that end: “... lo, what our hands have wrought.” Call me a “Little Rock Snob,” but damn, what a fine place to live!

Jim vonTungeln

Little Rock

Save War Memorial

Thank you for the editorial in the Times on “Right as Rahn.”

The Ray Winder Field sale proposal that popped up, and was unexpected by most people, not by the administration, is just another example of “do what we want to and if we don't get caught it will be okay.” This seems to be the general rule around city hall. Remember the bond sales transactions?

The only “voice” the people who love and respect the War Memorial Park Golf Course have is the Times. The main drum beater for the greedy land-grabbers unfortunately has free access to all the ink he wants and he used it to say “the golf course must go!” Remember?

One member of the Board has been the champion of the golf course and park, Ken Richardson. He needs the support and consideration of all of us who want the park and course left alone. Thank you Arkansas Times!

Allan Dishongh


Guns in parks

The article April 24 about legislation to allow guns in national parks quoted a park superintendent as saying that when visitors see others with guns, they are not going to come back. But that is counter to concealed carry laws, which do not permit the open carry.

Incidents of crime in national parks form the basis for requests for changes in park policy to allow concealed carry.

Clifford Terry


On faith

Given the condition of things, one wonders how otherwise intelligent men and women can continue to affirm their faith in an all powerful, benevolent deity who is actively involved in the world. Many of the earth's inhabitants live in a cesspool of misery and suffering. It's incomprehensible that Christians refuse to cast some doubt upon the idea of a loving God, when the absence of Divine presence is more than obvious.

I do not know if there is a God, but if there is he or she has certainly not shown a strong, emotional attachment to this planet. That may be a subtle hint that we as humans are responsible for its maintenance and care.

Al Case


More air force

When we sell friendly countries jet fighter planes, why can't we stipulate that they will be subject to being used in any “Great War,” either with their pilots and maintenance folks or ours.

Add up all the advanced fighters we have sold, are selling, and will sell to friendly countries and you have an expanded air force close to, or even more than, what the defense hawks want.

I would venture to say that all friendly country fighters added up total more than our adversaries' planes, including the Banker (China).

Chris Gray


Love it or leave it

Every now and then I watch the Fox Channel. Last night I watched Mike Huckabee's show. He talked about the speech our president just gave to the Muslim world. Mike, in so many words, repeated the 60's chant of the far right, “America, love it or leave it. “

I have known Mike for some time now and have always liked him as a person, but after last night I have lost all faith in him as a leader. Our leaders have made big mistakes in the past. Under George Bush, we engaged in an unnecessary war in Iraq, rather than concentrating on Afghanistan and finding Osama Bin Laden. The Republican Party prefers to waste our money killing people in other countries, rather than to spend it in our country.

The speech our president gave to the Muslim world was long overdue. Our leaders have made mistakes in the past, both Republican and Democrat alike. America is the greatest country on this planet, and if we are to remain so, we must learn from our mistakes, not simply deny them.

Butch Stone


Unhappy with Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln at one time said she knew what was best for Arkansas. Since then, she has forgotten that she works for us, the voter. She will not get another vote from me.

I have never belonged to a union, but we should have the right to join one should we want to. Our rights are eroded now. I applaud the workers who want a union. Perhaps we'll come up with some new blood to send to D.C.

Peggy Wolfe

Heber Springs



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