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Chosen lady


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Chosen lady

So the Religious Right wing of the Republican Party won't accept a woman in the pulpit but will accept a woman in the White House. Politics makes strange principles, as well as bedfellows. The Religious Righters may believe that a woman president would do what they tell her, just as their own wives do. What is that Baptist concept — the husband as the wife's “servant/master,” or some such gibberish. It means male supremacy, in plain English. The idea of Pat Robertson and James Dobson making decisions for President Sarah Palin is spooky. Her own lack of qualification is preferable to theirs.

Because Republican vice presidential candidate Palin is 44 and presidential candidate John McCain is 72, there's a good chance that she could become president if the Republicans win the election. A small-town mayor before she was elected governor of Alaska in 2006, she's largely unknown, but is on the record as a militant anti-abortionist. The Religious Righters' support for her despite her second-class sex suggests she's sound on their other issues, too — prayer in the schools, faith-based government, freedom for one kind of religion. These people championed George Bush in 2000, at a time when the average American didn't realize how deeply Bush shared their extreme views. Mr. Average American needs to be more vigilant this time. 


Lacking auspice

The Razorbacks' first season under Coach Bobby Petrino has begun clumsily. The first kickoff was fumbled by the Hogs and recovered by their opponent, the Western Illinois Whatevers. The Razorbacks barely managed to go on and defeat this team from a lower classification. And their performance was no worse than their dress. Red pants have not brought success to the Razorbacks on the occasions they've been tried previously, and are tasteless to boot. We thought at first that a team of pimps had taken the field. Remove the garish trousers, Coach Petrino, and put the Hogs back in their traditional whites. (Why do all new coaches want to change the uniforms? Are they frustrated fashion designers? Fans had to call on the State Police to stop Lou Holtz from painting an inappropriate white stripe down the middle of the helmet, and Danny Ford seemed to spend more time on the uniform than the offense.) Finally, the time of 10:30 p.m. Sunday for the coach's TV replay of the game is unacceptable to mature fans, their resources exhausted by then. Are those who were loyal through the days of Otis Douglas and Jack Mitchell to be disrespected now? The new administration at Fayetteville promised better, or should have.



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