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CD release


10 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $6.

Few local bands in the last several years emerged with more buzz than Grand Serenade. When they first came on the scene three years ago, playing shimmering Brit-pop, people seemed to focus on three things about them: That they were from Heber Springs, that they were young — or at least young looking — and that they were cultivating an ever-growing throng of female fans. Rumors swirled that they were still in high school. That their music would soon appear on “The O.C.” (OK, that one was mostly perpetuated by me, but it would've made sense.) Their early shows were generally full and everyone in front of the stage knew the words. At the end of sets, or fairly often in the middle of them, lead singer Kyle Mays would flip his guitar picks into the crowd. Then, with intermittent live exceptions, the dudes fell out of the limelight. Turns out they were just holed up making more of that shimmering pop. On Saturday, they'll celebrate the release of their first full-length, “Lean Times” (Max Recordings), a rich album full of infectious material that's sure to have the girls back up front.

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