CALS checks out Arts Center works 

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OF 7
"Rohwer and Jerome," from "The Tag Project," Wendy Maruyama, tea- and coffee-stained cut paper, thread, string and metal.
"Just Pretending," Judy Onofrio, mixed media, found objects.
"Sancho (Donkey with Rider)," Peter Grieve, lithographed tin, wooden armature.
"Large Sars," Luke Jerram, flame-worked glass.
"Demon and Diety Pot," Michelle Erickson, hand-built, thrown and modeled porcelain, indigenous clay, black and red earthenware, tin glaze with overglaze enamels.
"Young Girl with Moths," Margaret Keelan, hand-built ceramic with engobes and washes.
"War Games Basket," John G. Garrett, parachute cord, plastic army men, copper wire, camouflage-printed fabric and bullet casings.
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"Large Sars," Luke Jerram, flame-worked glass.

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