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Bryant mayor – again

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Bryant Mayor Jill "Republican" Dabbs was hit last week by the state Ethics Commission with a third ethical violation.

In the latest case, Dabbs received not only a letter of caution but a $100 fine after she admitted she had failed to report a $565 loan to her campaign or its repayment; she'd failed to report one $75 contribution, and she'd failed to tell people who bought tickets to a post-election victory party that proceeds would go to her mayoral campaign.

Dabbs earlier had been cited for using campaign money to pay for lawsuits, including the unsuccessful one in which she tried to get her name listed on the ballot as Jill "Republican" Dabbs. She was also was cited for increasing her own pay without authorization by the City Council, an action for which she also was criticized by the local prosecuting attorney.

The Ethics Commission also cautioned Bryant City Clerk Heather "Republican" Kizer (she, too, had tried to be listed on the ballot by the name "Republican"). She was cautioned for the same victory party. Specifically, she didn't report cash and in-kind contributions from Dabbs on her campaign report and she also failed to tell her contributors that money raised at the victory party would go into her campaign fund. Kizer also had benefited from an illegal salary increase, but escaped an Ethics Commission reprimand because Dabbs raised Kizer's pay. Kizer didn't take the action herself and thus benefit improperly from her own actions.


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