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Bruce James picks the Hogs

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Saturday’s game Arkansas (1-3) vs. Louisiana-Monroe (2-3) Site: War Memorial Stadium Time: 6 p.m. Radio/TV: The ARSN network will broadcast the game on radio affiliates. What James says: This game should not be anything but a good time for the good tailgating Arkansas fans at the stadium. It’s a game that helps the Arkansas team get well. With the passing game needing improvement, you should see a lot of passing from Arkansas. It’s the first game of the season in Little Rock, it will be an emotional game for the fans here, the city’s up for it, so you should see some different things from the Hogs to appease the crowd. If we’re not able to do real well against Monroe, then we’re not playing well. This is not an SEC game, or even Tulane, it’s Monroe. Where the Hogs need to focus: I would imagine the coaches have used the open date and the last two weeks to prepare for Auburn, but the players don’t know that. If you’re going to practice your deep passing game, you do it against a team like this. Our defense is going to see a nice, good, little quarterback (Steve Jyles), and coming up you have Auburn, which likes to run a West Coast offense. This is going to give the UA defense an opportunity to improve on the pass rush and see if they can contain an offense and not give up the giant play like they’ve given up every game so far. The pick: Arkansas 48-17. Watch former Arkansas All-American defensive end Bruce James along with David Bazzel and host Steve Sullivan on KATV, Channel 7’s “SportsWeek” Sundays at 10:30 p.m.

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