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Bruce James Calls the Hogs Sept. 7


Saturday’s game
Arkansas (0-1) vs. Utah State (0-1)
Site: Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville
Time: 6 p.m.
Radio/TV: The ARSN network will broadcast the game on radio affiliates. The game will not be televised.

What James says: You’re fixing to see 450 yards of passing offense, a QB throw four touchdown passes, a couple of running backs each get 100 yards, all against a team that got five first downs against Wyoming. This is what I call a crowd-pleasing game, a stat game. It’s set up for freshman quarterback Mitch Mustain and to show off 100 percent the new offense, and it will include everything you’d want to see against an inferior opponent, and everybody’s going to be happy.

On UA’s defense: They are drastically improved. I saw some things I liked against Southern Cal — things like alignments, being in the correct alignment, and they knew their assignments and executed as well as they possibly could considering the talent difference. There were fewer missed tackles than I anticipated. The pass overage wasn’t bad, their receivers were just better than our defenders and didn’t drop balls. We ought to shut out Utah State, but we probably won’t because we’re going to want to get our starters out of there.

Any other positives from last week?: It was the best crowd I have ever observed in Fayetteville. Also, our punter, Jacob Skinner, is a major weapon with his hang time and distance and that will be a huge factor later on in the season.

The pick: Utah State is just not a quality football team. It’s your proverbial sacrificial lamb. Arkansas, 55-7.

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