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Brown Sugar Bakeshop


BROWN SUGAR BAKESHOP Consider the not-so-humble cupcake. Could it be the perfect dessert? Pretty, all dressed up in its frilly paper pantaloons, topped with a dollop of icing (and maybe, if you're lucky, sprinkles) for what usually amounts to the perfect icing/cake ratio. Get a fresh one, and there's pretty much nothing better on the face of the earth. Several cupcakeries have sprung up all around the country in the past few years, some more successful than others. One of the successes: Brown Sugar Bakeshop. Once located in a small space in the River Market, Brown Sugar has moved to a snazzy new sit-down storefront on Third Street near Dugan's Pub. Opening the door is to be smacked in the face with the most heavenly smell this side of paradise. The problem (at least for us), is the price: $2.50 for each cupcake. That's fine if you only want one. Buy six or a dozen, however, and you're talking some real money. That said, if you're jonesing for a cupcake to call your own, these are fine: fresh, moist, with fun flavors like red velvet cake and (our personal fave) limoncello. If that's not your thing, Brown Sugar also sells tasty cookies and cakes. Definitely worth a late-in-the-week indulgence. 419 E. Third St. 501-372-4009. 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Tue.-Sat. All CC.

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