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Ted Parkhurst, who co-founded August House (and sold it in 2005) and currently serves as the publisher of Butler Center Books, has a new publishing venture. Parkhurst Brothers' first title, Collins Andrews' “Listen to Your Work” (paperback, $14.95), was released at the end of last year. Andrews, who helped build Systematics Inc. and Alltel Information Services, offers job advice to young or transitioning professionals in the book.

The Parkhurst “brothers” are only brothers in spirit. Roger Armbrust, who served as national news editor for Backstage Magazine, serves as editor-in-chief, and Rod Lorenzen, a journalist who closed his business of many years, Lorenzen Books, last year, handles public relations.

The publishing house has five titles planned for the next five months. In March, the publishing house plans to release editor Armbrust's collection of sonnets, “The Aesthetic Astronaut.” Also that month, it's scheduled to release the first in its flagship series, “Our National Conversation,” centered on national and international policy. “The World Bank Unveiled” comes from a World Bank insider, who details the internal struggle for transparency in the bank. In April, the publishing house releases “Cubs' Fans Leadership Secrets,” a business book by John Kunich. “A Kingdom at Any Cost: Apocalyptic Christian Nationalism and the New Crusade” doesn't yet have a publishing date. It's a companion to the documentary “Silhouette City,” by Arkansas native Michael Wilson and producer Natalie Zimmerman. 


John Grisham's new novel, “The Associate,” (surely there's a John Grisham title generator out there somewhere) came out on Tuesday. Everyone's probably already read it twice and started pillaging the Internet for details on the already announced film adaptation. But some are not so enthusiastic. Officials from Pittsburgh's Duquesne University are far from pleased that a central plot element places a drunken gang rape scene at the school.

Grisham offered this as an explanation last week for the setting to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“In an e-mail yesterday, Mr. Grisham said he chose Duquesne simply because he'd seen the campus once. He said he's been here many times to take in Pirates and Steelers games.”

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