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Black humor


Those Tea Baggers laughing and whooping at the mention of people dying from lack of health insurance made us think of Nazi concentration camp guards enjoying a Bitch of Buchenwald riff: "So then I said, 'Enjoy your shower!' "

The jovial Baggers were being entertained by candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, a couple of whom, suffering pangs of humanity, appeared disturbed by the crowd's disdain for the poor and sick. These candidates will not go far. This is no race for kind men.

One of the two major American political parties has been taken over by its most vicious and reckless element. The Southern racists of the old Democratic Party, defenders of lynch mobs, were a nasty bunch to be sure, but they didn't run the national Party, nor could they win its presidential nomination for one of their own. The first Southerner nominated by Democrats since the Civil War was a champion of civil rights and of government aid to the poor. He was so hated by the Southern conservatives that they left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican, where they acquired instant influence. Their descendants are the backbone of the Tea Bagger movement.

The Baggers' rise is not due solely to their own aggressiveness, though they have plenty of that. They've formed an alliance with the corporations, who need footsoldiers for the class warfare they wage relentlessly. The corporations pay the Baggers to fight against their own best economic interests – fairer taxation, better health care, higher wages – and the Baggers are willing as long as they're also allowed to harass people of the wrong race or religion or nationality or sexual inclination. They're happily hateful.

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