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Big Walgreen is better

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FULL-SERVICE: Walgreens.
  • FULL-SERVICE: Walgreens.
A man left the hospital a couple of years ago with a fist full of prescriptions to be filled. Clearly, pills had become an important part of his life. He took the prescriptions to the drug store he used at the time, one of a regional chain. Some of the prescribed medications proved to be not readily available, particularly the most important one. When the pharmacist said she couldn’t fill that prescription, the customer inquired as to who could. Not seeming very interested, the pharmacist allowed that Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart might be helpful, because “They’re big.” She did not offer to call any other pharmacy to see who might have the drug in stock. The man went to the Walgreen’s at 12th and Fair Park, mainly because it was nearby and he’d driven past it many times. Pharmacy manager Neil Vick Jr. didn’t have the drug on his shelves, but he called every Walgreen’s and every Wal-Mart in town looking. Finally, he found it — at a store that was a member of the same chain as the store that had been so unhelpful. Vick also said that his store would stock the drug from now on. That’s how Walgreen’s gained a new customer. Arkansas Times readers agree. They voted Walgreen’s the best pharmacy in this year’s poll. — By Doug Smith

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