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Big ideas for Arkansas 2011

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In what's become an annual tradition, the Arkansas Times recently solicited suggestions from readers and experts from across the spectrum on how to make Arkansas a better place to live. In keeping with the results of the past two years, the suggestions have been downright inspirational. Ideas range from pragmatic policy considerations (consider racial disparity in the criminal justice system, stop tearing down old buildings) to the visionary (build an iconic performing arts center, reconnect the Old State House to the Arkansas River). See them all here.

Separately, we've highlighted two big ideas that already have juice behind them: new University of Arkansas System President Donald Bobbitt's vision for expanding online education throughout the system and consultant and venture capitalist Kristian Andersen's plan to keep talented Arkansas university graduates in the state.

Utilize holistic defense in the justice system

By Cory Biggs

Rethink the Arkansas Highway Commission

By Tim McKuin

Memorialize racial atrocities

By Guy Lancaster

Consider racial disparity in the criminal justice system

By Adjoa A. Aiyetoro

Close off Clinton Avenue in the River Market on weekend nights and create a health care program for Little Rock artists and musicians

By Grayson Shelton

Reconnect the Old State House to the Riverfront

By Mason Ellis

Embrace naturism

By John Bryant

Make registering to vote easier

By Gary Phillips

Build an iconic performing arts center

By Philip Mann

Encourage a gap year between high school and college for travel

By Nikki Beard


By Fernando Cutz

Stop tearing down old buildings

By Vanessa Norton McKuin

Replace stairs with slides at every school

By Max Green

No more buyouts

By Eric Francis


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