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Being Paula Jones

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Sexual harassment by a presidential candidate has been in the news of late and, as coincidence would have it, a famous name from bygone years popped up on our computer screen Tuesday with a delayed benefit from her days as a candidate accuser.

Remember Paula Jones of Lonoke, who complained about an improper overture from then-Gov. Bill Clinton, an episode that seemed to run for years and included Jones' boxing match with Tonya Harding?

She lives the quiet life of mom and medical officer worker now. But her celebrity doesn't always hurt. She posted this on her Facebook page Tuesday.

"Talk about LUCKY this morning ... I got stopped by a state trooper going 80 and when he only gave me a warning and said "we have 180 something mutual FB friends" then I was like well we should be friends too! He was very polite and nice and told me to SLOW way down tho!!! Thank you sir! :D"

To the uninitiated, :D is the emoticon for a BIG smile.

Commented a Facebook friend: "I am wearing a Paula Jones mask next time if I want to speed in Arkansas. Lol"


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