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Beau geste


Is the person who slew a Democratic activist's cat in Russellville a staunch Republican? Is he an actual or potential serial killer of humans as well as house pets? (Most serial killers seem to start out on animals.) Or is he both Republican and serial killer, like Ted Bundy, who was Mr. Young Republican by day while strangling coeds at night? At this point, we don't know for sure. The investigation is ongoing.

Regardless, it would be a gracious gesture for Republican politicians who're throwing around money the way Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are to divert a tiny bit of their campaign funds to establishing a reward for information on the cat killer. As we said, it hasn't been proved the culprit was a Republican, but it is known that the unfortunate cat belonged to the family of the campaign manager for Ken Aden, a Democratic candidate for a congressional seat now held by Rep. Steve Womack, a Republican. And, that the word "liberal" was scrawled on the cat's body, left on the doorstep of the family's home. It's possible the killer was Libertarian or independent, but ... you do the math.

The presidential candidates' own campaign managers will advise against the gift, pointing out that in the modern Republican Party, any show of kindness is held against one. The heaviest baggage Romney carries is his effort to help poor, sick people in Massachusetts. But that's the beauty of having both candidates contribute. Neither Romney nor Gingrich will gain political advantage. And neither Ron Paul nor the other guy could gain enough to matter.

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