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Bad endorsement



Bad endorsement

I have always been impressed with the Arkansas Times, the “Newspaper of Culture and Politics.” I suppose the articles on the late-night bars could be considered as describing a particular sub-culture. The photographs on the cover and accompanying the articles also show a culture, one that treats women as sexual objects for the pleasure of men. I am disappointed that the Times implicitly endorses this culture.

Muriel Lederman

Little Rock

Voting tips

I have some suggestions for no-hassle voting on election day. First, make decisions on candidates and on ballot proposals ahead of time. Second, verify your voting precinct and voter eligibility, particularly if you have moved. Third, don't be intimidated by a very quirky Arkansas law. Although identification is not required to cast a regular ballot (unless you registered by mail), poll workers are required to ask for it! Nevertheless, go armed with a driver's license; a current utility bill, bank statement, or federal check showing your address; a state-issued ID card or a military ID card. Avoid voting a provisional ballot if at all possible, for it may or may not be counted. Finally, vote during the early voting period. Be prepared to wait. Be patient. Your right to vote is a sacred privilege.

Suzanne Hamilton

Little Rock

Final election thoughts

Question: What potential first lady would lie about being an only child? What potential first lady would keep her 10's of millions when a sister was in need? Answer: Cindy McCain.

Jo Sears-Harkins

Little Rock


Republicans, when will the hate stop? When will you people stop the code words? That's what they did in Mississippi where I was raised. If you were a black man and acted like you were smart, you were beaten or killed. The words used were uppity, arrogant and elite. This is what the Republicans are doing now.

Betty Williams



Memorably, there was Richard Nixon and his felonious second in command, Spiro Agnew. Then Bob Dole, who scowled his way through at least one campaign. And recently we have had to endure seven years of Dick Cheney, who is frequently compared with Darth Vader. Now, we must cope with the senator from Arizona, notorious for his barely controlled temper. What Republican men seem to have in common is hostility — towards Jews, women, gays, Democrats, liberals, newspapers, activists, foreigners, and all those “enemies” out there. When one deals with Republicans one is dealing with a group of angry straight white men who really, profoundly need a lot of therapy. They should get it; but not at our expense!

James A. Means

Natchitoches, La.


Dr. Bob Hartsell stated eloquently and intellectually the reason America needs Barack Obama as president. There is a time for a warrior and a time for a diplomat. America needs a leader to get us out of the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan and turn our nation's energy to the financial crisis that is strangling our country.

Jim Davis



U.S. politics has become the playing-out of Marx's prediction that all society will come down to a struggle between the haves and the have-nots. The Republicorporates (haves) are simply trying to get all the money they can loot from the U.S. economy before it goes down the tube. McCain is not a candidate of change. Look at his agenda — it is the same old trickledown lie that Reagan started with.

Carl S. Evans

Little Rock

What has happened to the Republican Party? Remember when they spent $55 million of our money going after Bill Clinton for Whitewater and lying about his infidelities? Well, here we are today and the Republicans have offered John McCain and Sarah Palin as their candidates for president and vice president. John McCain admits that he does not know much about the economy. While he was married, he cheated on his wife and left her and his children for another woman who had the money and power he wanted. He made his choice for his vice presidential candidate after meeting Sarah Palin only once for some 15 minutes.

My fellow Americans, we need a change and we need it now.

Butch Stone



When will there be a discussion about the intersection of five years of being a prisoner of war, being tortured, the possibility of PTSD and anger management on the part of the person who, as president, would have a major say in whether the United States goes to war or spends more effort on peaceful alternatives? Past experience tends to indicate that McCain has been a consistent advocate for the use of military force. Is this not a valid concern?

John A. Hollingsworth

Cherokee Village


So let me get this straight. John McCain, the same person that questions Barack Obama's readiness to be president, has asked Sarah Palin, who has 1.5 years experience as the governor of a state with a population one fourth of that of Arkansas, to be his running mate? This is who John McCain — who at 72 would be the oldest president to take office — has selected as second in command? If Americans elect John McCain after demonstrating this kind of judgment and indicating his intent to continue with the Bush-Cheney brand of economics and foreign policy, we will truly get what we deserve.

David Humphrey

Little Rock


This business of asking Barack Obama to help pay off Hillary Clinton's big debt is ridiculous. If she had stopped her campaign when the money ran out, she would not have had this big debt. The Clintons, with their millions, can pay off their debt themselves instead of asking hard-working people to finance Hillary Clinton's ego.

Sandra West


Let there be light

Whether true impeachment actually occurs or not, light must shine in the dark, dirty corners of the Bush-Cheney regime, the most dictatorial and criminal administration this country has known. From illegal domestic wiretaps to intentional disregard of international agreements to torturing innocents to gain untrue confessions, this administration must be held accountable despite the fact that they are spoiled rich boys who have never had to work a real day in their lives. Rich is not an excuse. It seems to be a symptom and has brought this country to its knees.

David Reagan

Hot Springs

Second stimulus

Talk of a second stimulus package is making its way through the powers that be, and it's time that the talk leads to some results that are tangible. Instead of handing out checks to everyone again, (so it can be spent on products made in China) let's ask Congress to spend it on infrastructure needs in this country.

The investment in work projects in the U.S. will keep a very large portion of the money invested here, working for us.

On a recent NPR program, Paul Krugman, this year's Nobel winner for economics, said the recession was going to last about 2 years and that this was a long enough period for infrastructure programs to help get things going again.

He also pointed out that many agencies have project plans “ready to go” but lack funding at this time to construct them. Construction could start within months on these type projects, stimulating the local economies and providing jobs to workers.

Why not a round of public works, so we get something for all this money we're borrowing?

Highway and bridge repairs; city, state and national park improvements; mass transit; school buildings — there are hundreds of areas where projects are probably waiting to go, but don't have the funds.

All these projects would benefit the public as a whole and would.

Steve Heye

Little Rock.

Going green

Re your cover story “Fuelish No More”: I am glad SOME Arkansans are buying more fuel efficient cars, riding bikes and taking the bus. My only concern is that once I get out there to ride my bike is if I'm going to make it to school or work all in one piece. I would love it if drivers in Arkansas could SHARE the road with cyclists. Gas will never be cheap again so we definitely need to put our support behind Central Arkansas Transit. I would love to see voters approve some kind of sales tax or increase in property tax to expand service of Central Arkansas Transit. Who knows, we just might get some kind of light rail system to go to Conway and Cabot. I think expanding public transportation will spark economic development and certainly ease the “pain at the pump.” Public transportation is a great investment, unlike “free”ways.

Courtney Cobbs

North Little Rock

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