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Azucena Rios

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Azucena Rios Little Rock Singer, translator, bartender My favorite place will be the I-430 bridge over the Arkansas River. This beautiful area, it’s a gift. This magnificent bridge has been one of the uncountable wonders of this city. It’s a one-minute reverie for the ones who drive across it, and I bet a permanent one for those who live with that amazing view every day. That view — that shares the wonderful colors of the sky. It doesn’t matter the time of the year. The sky always looks amazing and full of inspiration, hope and deep thinking. I always roll my window down so I can take a deep breath. We cross the bridge and there’s no speed that matters. What matters is the time we have to renew plans, dreams and projects. It takes only seconds to cross it, but they are good enough to keep this state of mind for the rest of the day. The fortunate ones who drive back and forth this way will find the most inspiring sunset: shades of gray and dark blue in the winter and purple, red and golden in summertime. The view from the hill going down the bridge — it’s the relaxing time of the night if we are on our way back home.

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