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Aug. 19-25, 2009



Aug. 19-25, 2009

It was a GOOD week for …


BUREAUCRATIC NONSENSE. The state Pollution Control and Ecology Commission has so far refused to accept an appeal of a drilling waste dump permit because the appeal went to the state Department of Environmental Quality (on time) rather than to the Commission's own office, which got it late after it was forwarded by snail mail from the agency the Commission runs.


BEING ALIVE. 50-degree mornings in August? How sweet it was.


The LITTLE ROCK POLICE DEPARTMENT. It found money to restore some of the work force cut from the section that provides accident reports. A huge backlog and insufficient availability of the service resulted from the penny-wise, pound-foolish move.


SECRETS. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel officially opined that the University of Central Arkansas probably should follow a dubious bit of federal advice and continue to keep secret the names of those who received scholarships for non-meritorious reasons during the reign of President Lu Hardin. The details may be lacking, but it's still a certainty that political connections were a recurring factor in the awards. If the new administration doesn't open records on future recipients, suspicion will linger that who you know counts for more than what you know at UCA.


WORKING PEOPLE. Against tough odds, a major union is trying to organize 115 Wal-Mart stores, including one in Little Rock. The struggle, in the long run, produces positive pressure for workers, even if the organizing fails.


It was a bad week for …


ARKANSAS ARITHMETIC. Jerry Jones, the pride of Rose City, unveiled his $1.2 billion Dallas Cowboy stadium for a football game and a reserve punter promptly hit the huge hanging TV screen with a punt. The punter wondered later why somebody hadn't done some basic figuring on the possibility beforehand. It could cost millions to lift the thing, if the NFL decides it must be done.

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