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Arkie occupier


A woman identified as a native of Mountain Home has become an icon of the Occupy movement thanks to a dramatic photo and video of her getting a full face of pepper spray in an Occupy Portland demonstration Nov. 17. Liz Nichols, 20, who's been living in the Pacific Northwest for a couple of months, was charged with second-degree trespassing. The police and protesters came into conflict on the streets of Portland after an effort to occupy a bank. The Atlantic Wire later talked to Nichols' mother, Annie. The Wire reported:

"Annie, who is housebound with multiple sclerosis, said Elizabeth joined Occupy Wall Street because of her parents' dire situation. 'I have no medical care. I'm not eligible. My husband's disabled ... We live on one disability check. No, we don't live. We exist. Lizzie knows this. That's why she's doing this.' Elizabeth ... wasn't always an activist, Annie said. 'She never took part in anything like this. Of course, it's Arkansas. There isn't a lot of that here.' "

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