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Arkansas's best doctors 2007

From bench to bedside.



The best doctors in Arkansas “are the ones who come to work every day and work with really sick people,” and make them better. That's what Veterans Affairs mental health services chief Dr. Jeffrey Clothier says.

The Best Doctors in America Inc.™ says researchers — like Clothier's colleagues at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children's Hospital, according to the Best Doctors in America (trademark) — are also at the top.

Both contribute to the state of medical care in Arkansas — some, like surgeon Suzanne Klimberg — at the same time. Klimberg's brainstorms have bettered the care of her breast cancer patients.

Who's the best doctor in Arkansas? Usually, it's your family doctor, or your internist, or the doctor you go to first when you're feeling poorly, the one who knows you and the one you know will take care of you. Then it's the doctors they refer you to when you've got something that requires a specialist.

That's how the Best Doctors in America list works, too. Its surveyors call on doctors to name the best doctors, and then call on those doctors to name the best, etc.

In Arkansas, that process has led to a 40 percent increase in the number of best doctors on the list since 2005.

The Arkansas Times has published a list of the state's best doctors every year since 1995, and we're doing it again, the first to publish Best Doctors Inc.'s just-released list. It includes nearly 350 doctors in 67 categories, from addiction medicine to urology.

Arkansas's best doctors can be found all over the state, from Fort Smith, which has the second highest number of physicians on the list (Central Arkansas is first) in the west to Texarkana in the south and Jonesboro on the east.

Besides Klimberg, who's devised a way she expects will spare her patients from lymphedema, we profile Gregory Krulin, who's helping his patients sleep at night; Jeffrey Pyne, who's studying the affects of virtual reality therapy on veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder; and Sami Harik and Katalin Juhasz-Pocsine, whose case studies on bariatric patients show a definite link between the surgery and neurological problems.

A note to users of the list: Not all physicians listed see patients, because of the nature of their practice or because their practice is full.

The complete list (doctors are from Little Rock and North Little Rock unless noted) and where they practice:

Addiction medicine

Forrest B. Miller, The Family Clinic.

Allergy and immunology

P. Martin Fiser, Arkansas Allergy and Asthma Clinic; Stacie M. Jones, Arkansas Children's Hospital; Kevin R. Keller, Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic; Amy M. Scurlock, Arkansas Children's Hospital.


Frank E. Block, Jr., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; John L. Coffman, Western Arkansas Anesthesiology Associates, Fort Smith; Ryan B. Coleman, Western Arkansas Anesthesiology; Susan D. Conley; W. Brooks Gentry, UAMS; Muhammad Jaffar, UAMS; E.F. “Bud” Klein Jr., ACH; Charles A. Napolitano, UAMS; Robert L. Overacre, Baptist Health; Carmelita S. Pablo, UAMS; Michael L. Schmitz, ACH; Phillip Sloan, St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, Fort Smith; Suresh Thomas Thomas, ACH.

Cardiovascular disease

Joseph K. Bissett, UAMS; J. Lynn Davis, Heart Clinic Arkansas; Jon P. Lindemann, Heart Clinic; James D. Marsh, UAMS; Eugene S. Smith III, UAMS; Robert J. Stuppy, Mercy Heart Group, Rogers; Barry F. Uretsky, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Services, Fort Smith.

Clinical pharmacology

Henry C. Farrar III, ACH; Laura P. James, ACH.

Colon and rectal surgery

J. Ralph Broadwater Jr., UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center.


Rene Edward Bressinck, Dermatology Clinic; Scott M. Dinehart, Arkansas Skin Cancer Center; Gunnar H. Gibson, Dermatology Clinic; Kevin St. Clair, Ozark Dermatology Clinic, Fayetteville.

Eating disorders

Maria G. Portilla, ACH.

Endocrinology and metabolism

Lawson Glover, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; Philip A. Kern, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital; Stavros C. Manolagas, UAMS; Phillip J. Peters, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; Debra Lynn Simmons, UAMS.

Family medicine

J. Craig Cummins, Banister-Liebong Clinic, Conway; Geoffrey A. Goldsmith, UAMS; Ralph Farris Joseph, The Family Clinic; Russell Eugene Mayo, AHEC Family Clinic, Texarkana; Kent David McKelvey Jr., UAMS; Forrest B. Miller, The Family Clinic; David A. Nelsen Jr., UAMS; Gordon R. Parham, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith; William H. Riley Jr., The Family Clinic; Charles H. Rodgers, The Family Clinic; Steve L. Simpson, The Family Clinic; David L. Stewart, Benton Family Clinic; Steven W. Strode, UAMS; Joanna Thomas, Family Medical Center, Fayetteville; Mark S. Thomas, Family Medical Center, Fayetteville; Robert Stephen Tucker, Little Rock Family Practice Clinic; Daniel W. Watson, Autumn Road Family Practice.


Helen B. Casteel; Glenn Raymond Davis; D. Dean Kumpuris; Kevin W. Olden, UAMS; Gerald R. Silvoso, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic.

Geriatric medicine

Pham H. Liem, UAMS; David A. Lipschitz, UAMS; Gretchen M. Orosz, Sparks Senior Health Center, Fort Smith; Ann T. Riggs, UAMS; A. Reed Thompson, UAMS.

Hand surgery

Randipsingh “Randy” R. Bindra, UAMS; Roger N. Bise, Plastic Surgery Center, Fort Smith; G. Thomas Frazier Jr., Arkansas Specialty Care Center; Michael M. Moore, Arkansas Specialty Care Center.

Infectious disease

Robert W. Bradsher, UAMS; John E. Dietrich, Infectious Disease Resource Group; Rebecca J. Edge-Martin; McClellan VA; Dwight A. Lindley; Thomas P. Monson, McClellan VA; Mark Lee Stillwell, Sparks Center for Infectious Disease, Fort Smith.

Internal medicine (general)

Lee Curtis Abel, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; Robert T. Cheek, UAMS; Steven A. Edmondson, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith; Amy J. Fitzgerald, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; William E. Golden, UAMS; Lance L. Hamilton, Fort Smith; Robert Howard Hopkins Jr., UAMS; Robert Charles Lavender; UAMS; Roberta A. M. Monson, UAMS; James Carey Morse, Physician's Group; Susan Minter Santa Cruz, Evergreen Internal Medicine; J. David Staggs, Fort Smith Internal Medicine; Sara Ghori Tariq, UAMS; Anne R. Trussell, Conway Medical Group; Sue A. Ulmer, Evergreen Internal Medicine; Mitzi Ann Washington, The Family Clinic, Jacksonville; Paul William Zelnick, Physician's Group.

Medical oncology and hematology

Bart Barlogie, UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy; Joseph M. Beck II; Tony A. Flippin, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; Laura Fulper Hutchins, UAMS; AnneMarie Maddox, UAMS; Isaam Makhoul, UAMS; Lawrence A. Mendelsohn, Little Rock Hematology and Oncology Associates; Jack J. Sternberg, Arkansas Oncology Associates; Guido J. Tricot, UAMS; Sue Tsuda, Conway Hematology and Oncology; John D. Wells, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; Diane D. Wilder, Little Rock Hematology Oncology Associates.


Sameh Abul-Ezz, UAMS; Thomas Eugene Andreoli, UAMS; James T. Henry, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith; Michelle W. Krause, UAMS; Robert F. McCrary Jr., Hot Springs Diagnostic Associates; Dana P. Rabideau, Sparks Medical Foundation, Fort Smith; Robert L. Safirstein, McClellan VA; John Wayne Smith, Hot Springs Diagnostic Associates.

Neurological surgery

Ossama Al-Mefty, UAMS; Ali F. Krisht, UAMS; T. Glenn Pait, UAMS; Michael Standefer, Fort Smith.


Robert Leroy “Lee” Archer, UAMS; Duane L. Birky, Sparks Neurology Center, Fort Smith; Bradley S. Boop, Neuroscience Associates; Michael Z. Chesser, Arkansas Musculoskeletal Institute; Mary Louise Powell Corbitt, Arkansas Headache Clinic; Sami I. Harik, UAMS; John L. Kareus, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; W. Steven Metzer, McClellan VA; Sarkis M. Nazarian, McClellan VA; Stacy A. Rudnicki, UAMS; James W. Schmidley, UAMS; Margaret F. Tremwel, Sparks Neurology Center, Fort Smith; Elaine J. Wilson, Neuroscience Associates.

Neurology, child

Bernadette M. Lange, ACH; Gregory B. Sharp, ACH.

Nuclear medicine

Charles Marion Boyd, Radiology Consultants of Little Rock; James E. McDonald, Radiology Associates; Gary L. Purnell, Nuclear Consulting; Kathy Lynn Thomas, McClellan VA; David W. Weiss, Radiology Consultants of Little Rock.

Obstetrics and gynecology

Nancy R. Andrews Collins, University Women's Health Center; Lawrence Curtis Bandy; Martha Johnston Brewer, UAMS; Alexander F. Burnett, UAMS; Janet R. Cathey, Little Rock Gynecology Associates; Kay H. Chandler, Cornerstone Clinic for Women; Stephen M. Chatelain, Arkansas Perinatal Services; Andrew A. Cole, Conway Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic; Cynthia Neal Frazier, A Clinic for Women; Helen H. Kay, University Women's Health Center; Sharon C. Keith, A Clinic for Women; Karen Jean Kozlowski, Little Rock Gynecology Associates; Stephen Ray Marks; Heather Owens, UAMS; Charles E. Phillips, Central Clinic for Women; Rosa E. Seguin-Calderone, Arkansas Women's Center; Michael Selby; Kemp Skokos, The Woman's Clinic; James A. Tanner, Arkansas Women's Center; Julia M. Watkins, Arkansas Women's Center; Paul J. Wendel, University Women's Health Center.


Carol W. Chappell; Richard A. Harper, UAMS; James Landers, Retina Associates; Mike S. McFarland, McFarland Eye Centers, Pine Bluff; Chris T. Westfall, UAMS.

Orthopedic surgery

C. Lowry Barnes, Arkansas Specialty Care Center; Johannes Michael Gruenwald, UAMS; Greg T. Jones, River Valley Musculoskeletal Center, Fort Smith; Kenneth A. Martin; Richard W. Nicholas Jr., UAMS; Richard D. Peek, Arkansas Specialty Spine Center; David W. Sudbrink, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; Ruth L. Thomas, UAMS; John L. Vander Schilden, UAMS.


Jeffrey L. Barber, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center; Joe B. Colclasure, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center; John Roddey Edwards Dickins, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center; John L. Dornhoffer, UAMS; Barbara K. Morris, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center; Paul M. Spring, UAMS; Brendan C. Stack Jr., UAMS; Scott J. Stern, Arkansas Otolaryngology Center; James Y. Suen, UAMS.


Laura W. Lamps, UAMS; Bruce Robert Smoller, UAMS.

Pediatric allergy and immunology

D. Melissa Graham, Arkansas Allergy and Asthma Clinic; Stacie M. Jones, ACH.

Pediatric and adolescent gynecology

Karen Jean Kozlowski, Little Rock Gynecology Associates.

Pediatric anesthesiology

James Grady Crosland, ACH; Timothy W. Martin, ACH; Michael L. Schmitz, ACH; J. Michael Vollers, ACH.

Pediatric cardiology

Renee Adams Bornemeier, ACH; Eudice E. Fontenot, ACH; Elizabeth A. Frazier, ACH; W. Robert Morrow, ACH; M. Michele Moss, ACH; Paul Michael Seib, ACH.

Pediatric critical care

Kanwaljeet S. Anand, ACH; Adnan Tarid Bhutta, ACH; Richard Thomas Fiser, ACH; Jerril W. Green, ACH; Mark J. Heulitt, ACH; M. Michele Moss, ACH; Stephen M. Schexnayder, ACH.

Pediatric dermatology

Jay M. Kincannon, ACH.

Pediatric developmental and behavioral problems

Eldon Gerald Schulz, ACH.

Pediatric emergency medicine

Rhonda M. Dick, ACH; Laura P. James, ACH; Kendall Lane Stanford, ACH.

Pediatric endocrinology

John L. Fowlkes, ACH; Stephen Frank Kemp, ACH.

Pediatric gastroenterology

Maryelle G. Vonlanthen, Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates.

Pediatric infectious disease

Nada S. Harik, ACH; Richard F. Jacobs, ACH; Stephanie H. Stovall, ACH; J. Gary Wheeler, ACH.

Pediatric medical genetics

Stephen G. Kahler, ACH.

Pediatric medical toxicology

Laura P. James, ACH.

Pediatric metabolic diseases

Stephen G. Kahler, ACH.

Pediatric nephrology

Eileen N. Ellis, ACH; Thomas G. Wells, ACH.

Pediatric neurological surgery

George T. “Tim” Burson, Neurosurgery Arkansas.

Pediatric ophthalmology

Michael C. Brodsky, ACH.

Pediatric orthopedic surgery

James Aronson, ACH; Robert Dale Blasier, ACH; Richard E. McCarthy, Arkansas Specialty Spine Center.

Pediatric otolaryngology

Charles Michael Bower, ACH; Lisa M. Buckmiller, ACH.

Pediatric pain management

Michael L. Schmitz, ACH.

Pediatric pathology

Douglas P. Blackall, ACH.

Pediatric physical medicine and rehab

Vikki A. Stefans, ACH.

Pediatric plastic surgery

Julio Hochberg, UAMS.

Pediatric pulmonology

John Lee Carroll, ACH; Supriya K. Jambhekar, ACH; Louay K. Nassri, Sparks Pediatrics, Fort Smith; Robert H. Warren, ACH.

Pediatric radiology

Charles Albert James, ACH.

Pediatric sleep medicine

John Lee Carroll, ACH; May Louyse Griebel, ACH.

Pediatric specialist/adolescent and young adult medicine

Maria G. Portilla, ACH.

Pediatric specialist/neonatal-perinatal medicine

Robert W. Arrington, ACH;Robert E. Lyle, ACH.

Pediatric surgery

Richard J. Jackson, ACH; Evan Kokoska, ACH; Samuel D. Smith, ACH.

Pediatrics (general)

Richard R. Aclin, AHEC Family Medical Center, Fort Smith; Ronald L. Baldwin, ACH; Shelly L. Baldwin, ACH; Charles S. Ball, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; Debra D. Becton, ACH; Hannah Beene-Lowder, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; Bryan L. Burke Jr., UAMS; Vincent Calderon Jr., The Family Clinic; Orrin J. Davis, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; Ronald Craig Davis, The Children's Clinic, Hope; Federico C. de Miranda, Waldron Place Pediatric Clinic, Fort Smith; Joseph M. Elser, ACH; Charles Robert Feild, UAMS; Diane Freeman, Arkansas Pediatrics; Horace L. Green, The Children's Clinic, Pine Bluff; Jon R. Hendrickson, Pediatric Partners, Fort Smith; R. Wayne Herbert, Little Rock Children's Clinic; Charles David Jackson, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; Anthony Dale Johnson; Susan A. Keathley, Little Rock Children's Clinic; Carl Wesley Kluck Jr., Arkadelphia Clinic for Children and Young Adults; Sean M. Livingston, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; R. Alan Lucas, Arkansas Pediatrics of Conway; James S. Magee, ACH; Paula K. Morris, ACH; Eduardo R. Ochoa Jr., ACH; Terry S. Payton, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; Joe T. Robinson, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; A. Larry Simmons, ACH; Warren A. Skaug, The Children's Clinic, Jonesboro; Christopher E. Smith, ACH; David Lawrence Smith, Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, Fayetteville; Kendall Lane Stanford, ACH.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Kevin J. Collins, Baptist Medical Center; Kevin M. Means, UAMS.

Plastic surgery

R. Cole Goodman Jr., Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery, Fort Smith; William L. Hickerson, ACH Burn Center; Thomas R. Moffett, Aesthetic Surgery Center; Kristopher B. Shewmake, Arkansas Plastic Surgery; Gary E. Talbert, Arkansas Plastic Surgery; James C. Yuen, UAMS.


Christopher S. Cargile, UAMS; James A. Clardy, UAMS; Jeffrey L. Clothier, McClellan VA; JoAnn E. Kirchner, Towbin VA; Lawrence A. Labbate, UAMS; Richard R. Owen, Towbin VA; Jeffrey M. Pyne, Towbin VA; Robin L. Ross, Fayetteville; G. Richard Smith, UAMS; John J. Spollen III, Towbin VA; Jan Greer Sullivan, UAMS.

Pulmonary and critical care medicine

Kimberly R. Agee, Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic; Paula Jean Anderson, UAMS; F. Charles Hiller, UAMS; Tyrone Ty Lee, Conway; Robert M. Searcy, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic.

Radiation oncology

Cynthia S. Ross, CARTI Baptist; Michael L. Talbert, CARTI Baptist.


Albert S. Alexander, Radiology Associates; Edgardo J. Chua Angtuaco, UAMS; Teresita L. Angtuaco; UAMS; F. Keith Bell, Conway Regional Medical Center; Michael Fred Berry; William C. Culp; UAMS; William Deaton, Radiology Associates; Eren Erdem, UAMS; Jonathan Floyd Fravel, Radiology Associates; Jerome J. Gehl, St. Vincent Breast Center Radiology Associates; Steven E. Harms, Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville; Charles Albert James, ACH; Don Kusenberger, Radiology Associates; Robert W. Laakman, Radiology Associates; W. Jean Matchett, Radiology Associates; Timothy C. McCowan; UAMS; Laura G. Moore-Farrell, St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, Fort Smith; George A. Norton, Radiology Associates; Terrence A. Oddson, Radiology Associates; Christie Bridges Phelan, Radiology Associates; Rajesh Sethi; Hemendra R. Shah, UAMS; Kathleen M. Sitarik, Radiology Associates; David E. Tamas, Radiology Associates; Shannon Renee Turner, Radiology Associates.


Robert M. Brewer, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; James Deneke, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; Stephen DaCosta Holt, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; Richard W. Houk, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; S. Michael Jones, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; Thomas M. Kovaleski; Physician's Group; Eleanor A. Lipsmeyer, UAMS; James W. Logan, Heritage Physician Group, Hot Springs; Cummins Lue, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic; Laura B. Trigg, Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic.

Sleep medicine

John Lee Carroll, ACH; David George Davila, Baptist Health Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center; May Louyse Griebel, ACH; Gregory S. Krulin, Arkansas Sleep Institute; David R. Nichols, Northeast Arkansas Health Clinics, Jonesboro.


Gary W. Barone, UAMS; Lon G. Bitzer, Bitzer Surgical Clinic, Pine Bluff; Hugh F. Burnett, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; Chris M. Cate, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; John B. Cone, UAMS; Darryl W. Eckes, Centers of Excellence, Fort Smith; John F. Eidt, UAMS; James E. Hagans III, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; Wayne A. Hudec, The Surgery Clinic, Fayetteville; David W. Hunton, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; John C. Jones, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; Nicholas P. Lang, UAMS; Mohammed M. Moursi, UAMS; Stephen J. Seffense, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith; Emilio Tirado; William Everett Tucker, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; John W. Webb, Heritage Physician Group, Hot Springs; Youmin Wu, UAMS.

Surgical oncology

J. Ralph Broadwater Jr., UAMS Arkansas Cancer Research Center; Michael J. Edwards, ACRC; James E. Hagans III, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; Ronda S. Henry-Tillman, ACRC; V. Suzanne Klimberg, ACRC; Nicholas P. Lang, UAMS; Kent C. Westbrook, ACRC.

Thoracic surgery

Frank Michael Bauer III, Cardiovascular Surgeons; Hugh F. Burnett, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas; Robert C. Jaggers, Fort Smith, Roland Vernon, Fort Smith.


Alex E. Finkbeiner, UAMS; Graham F. Greene, UAMS; D. Keith Mooney, Arkansas Urology Associates.

This list is an excerpt from The Best Doctors in America (trademark) database of 35,000 doctors in 40-plus medical specialties. For more information, got to or e-mail Copyright 2007.

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