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Am I the only person in Arkansas who continues to be troubled by the knowledge that our most highly valued state employees are coaches?

Don Martin

Hot Springs

Use the anniversary

Now is the time to look at Arkansas. A serious look at where we are in race relations. Where we were in 1957, where we are today and where we want to get to in the future. We can use the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock school crisis to get the whole state to take an insightful look.

It was an international event and now we celebrate the accomplishment but we need to do more than that. We need to take the energy and use it in a positive way. Admitting that the event still lingers and affects Arkansas is a first step. An admission that 1957 and the lack of healing can still be influencing events. Even what it still does in hindering the acquiring of a significant economic gain, like getting Toyota to invest in Arkansas. We are asking a different culture to invest in Arkansas and we do not even deal openly and well with our own diversity.

We need to deal with ourselves and embrace our diversity to truly be able to embrace a different world culture. 2007 is the year and the opportunity is there for Arkansas to change history yet again and showcase a state and its people who are ready to join the global economy. Now is the time.

Dr. Dennis Burrow

Little Rock

Save golf course

Whenever we have to go to the trouble of having people sign a petition — such as we are now doing to try to preserve War Memorial Golf Course — there must be something wrong somewhere. Is City Hall listening to the people (as they are supposed to do) or are they listening to the developers?

Why, pray tell, can we not keep what we have? We have a golf course that serves the public well and a clubhouse that shares its upstairs with the AARP. This all serves a very fine and useful purpose and does not cost the city of Little Rock a lot of money such as would letting in the developers with their bulldozers to rearrange it all.

Sarah E. Lodge

Little Rock

One-sided paper

Your paper recently featured one of my relatives. I enjoyed the column and continued to read on. The further I read the more disappointed I got. My disappointment comes from the obvious one-sided view your paper portrays. You have a duty to argue both sides or at the least have a good balance of opinions.

You stated, and I paraphrase, that most Arkansans are Democrats. I respectfully disagree. Most Arkansans are moderate to conservative — in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs and against abrupt change. I have lived in Arkansas my entire life and I have swung from Democrat to Republican. I have seen a change in both parties that I am not happy with. The Democrats are leaning more and more left-liberal and the Republicans are leaning more and more aggressively right. I still lean more Republican mainly because they seem to cling more towards moral issues.

I certainly do not appreciate the cartoon that depicted the Republicans killing Americans and the need for the Democratic Party to rescue the country. We are a country of freedom, of speech and religion, and your views are very welcome, but you and the mainstream media definitely have a hidden agenda. You look at what you think is popular and try to persuade others to believe in your views and that is what is killing our nation. This is a country based on belief and we elect our officials by the majority vote, so why don’t you report on something for all of us and not what you think we need to hear.

Patrick Fisk


Independent voice

I hope your readers joined me in voting for Rod Bryan for governor. It was the first time since 1941 that an independent candidate had gathered the required 10,000 registered voter signatures to get on the ballot. I’m guessing he got the bulk of them; I collected 6.

My interest in Rod’s campaign grew out of my friendship with him and his family. I was sick of zombie pea-brained politicians playing games with our state government and our money. But even more, I came to respect his tireless energy, his leadership in the effort to create a sustainable society, his quick wit as he moved up a steep learning curve in a tough campaign, and his natural-born ability to communicate with his fellow Arkansans.

I trust he will stay in the political arena and find additional opportunities to be a force for bold positive change. He is already working on legislation that will require that when state resources are used for political debates, as was the case in all three of the Asa/Mike infomercials, that all of the candidates on the ballot will be invited to participate. You know, all hell would have broken loose in Baghdad if some creeps had tried to exclude half the candidates from their young democracy’s debates. If the Asa/Mike show didn’t irritate the proud populist Arkansas voter, then our state is not made of what I thought it was. I think Asa/Mike showed what they are made of. They were scared of Jim Lendall and Rod. That’s not the type of leadership our state needs.

Somers Matthews

Little Rock

Where’s the Religious Right?

Perhaps the biggest political fuss in American history is now in full sway, but where is the Religious Right? We’re not hearing much, if anything, from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robinson. Where are they? Are they suddenly in hiding because of the Foley case and the fact that it was reported that Karl Rove and Dubya Bush, during the last election, called them “stupid” and laughed behind their backs? Or is it the bogdown in Iraq? Or the health care mess? Or cuts, and cuts, and cuts in taxes that primarily help the rich and the richer? Or is it Katrina and the general lack of competence and integrity in government? Or is it the fact that the “decider” is a C student at a time when we need an A+ student in charge.

Tell me the answer!

Kermit C. Moss



We cannot continue to ignore our illegal immigration. We must protect our borders. The easiest way is to insist and find ways that business people can verify documentation. Fences will never stop the problem. We also must find a way to keep track of those people who enter this country and overstay their visas. If we can put people on the moon we can certainly solve illegal immigration.

If you hire an illegal you are compounding the problem because if you do they will come. We must insist that our laws be enforced. If you drive 60 miles an hour in a 30 mph zone you can be arrested. The reason for that law is to protect the citizens. The reason for our immigration law is to protect the citizen.

Mexican law strictly defines the rights of their citizens. Not only are those who enter illegally removed promptly, but they are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics.

We cannot be a safety valve for those countries that will not solve their own population and economic problems.

Stephany Bailey

North Little Rock

The Senate’s immigrant reform act (S 2611) would grant amnesty and even citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens in the United States and allow another 66 million new legal immigrants over the next 20 years. This results in an extra $46 billion in welfare on the backs of taxpayers, the largest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years. Following are laws already enacted in Arkansas.

• Driver’s license for illegal aliens, even if they can’t read or write English.

• The right to cast ballots for president and other offices in languages other than English.

• The right to free education taught in Spanish.

• The right for illegal aliens to pay lower college tuition than in-state citizens pay.

• Free medical care.

• Free scarce organ transplants.

• Social Security benefits for illegal aliens.

Arkansas politicians stand against the Marriage Protection Act and illegal alien laws and they supported the homosexual hate crimes bill, which Sen. Mark Pryor even called by another name. My question is, how are these heathens staying in office? Are you doing it?

If you are a law-abiding citizen who wants to get back to the lawful rules of our state and national constitutions, please consider running for office. You could win simply by opposing Rep. Marion Berry, Pryor and Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Let’s clean up Arkansas. Demand laws to fine and imprison employers using illegals and vote our present rascals out of office.

Kay Holland


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