“14 Women.” An intimate, day-in-the-life portrait of all 14 women serving in the U.S. Senate. Mary Lambert, sister of Senator Blanche Lincoln, directs.

“Beacon of Hope, The Story of the University of Arkansas.” The story of the state's largest institution of higher learning, from its founding in 1871, through the birth of the Razorbacks, to present day.

“The Old Gray Lady — Arkansas's First Newspaper.” A look at what was the oldest paper west of the Mississippi, the Arkansas Gazette. The documentary tracks the history of the paper and spends a good deal of time on the newspaper war that ushered in its demise.

“The Perfect Match: Hot Springs to Hanamaki.” A year in the relationship between two sister cities, with interactions between the cities' delegations and footage of students as they travel from Hot Springs to Japan.

“Silhouette City.” A look at the movement of apocalyptic militarism from the margins to the mainstream, with a special focus on a Christian survivalist group based in the Arkansas Ozarks in the early 1980s.

“Spilled Milk.” A short film on the demise of family-owned dairy farms in Arkansas.

“Watching the Waters Rise.” The story of the great flood of 1927 and its effects on Arkansas.

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