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An anthem for the gun nuts

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Rising country star and Poyen (Grant County) native Justin Moore released his sophomore album, "Outlaws Like Me," last week. A self-described redneck, Moore's built his career on two of country music's most popular tropes: He's a hellraiser with a heart of gold who loves singing about the joys of small town living. One more audience he's likely to reach on his new album — gun nuts. Here's a sample of a few lyrics from Moore's "Guns":

These days I go down to Walmart and they sell 'em in the back

Some people want to take 'em away

Why don't you go bust those boys that's selling crack?

Guns! Whether Remingtons or Glocks

Come on man it ain't like I'm a slingin' 'em on the block

I'm gonna tell you once and listen son

As long as I'm alive and breathing, you won't take my guns


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