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All the same under the suit



All the same under the suit

I guess if you like a politician, you have to like them all because underneath the layers of the $1,000 suits they are basically all the same.

The problem, as I see it, are the lines we draw. Democrat, Republican and full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes. Makes no difference who they are as long as they are a Democrat or Republican and we think that “we” believe in one or the other party's  standards. However, I'll bet you a root beer that if you ask a single party supporter, they cannot tell you what those standards are.

As for me, I'm writing in Garfield. He's not only smart but a pretty cool cat. Boy! Cool and smart, what a change that will make for Washington.

Bob Donaldson

Little Rock

Disagrees with Dumas

As usual I agree more with Ernie Dumas than I disagree with him, but in the Arkansas Times May 29 his main point was that Dick Cheney “guided” Bush in the opposite direction than people wanted the country to go and that the candidate promised. Correct. His second point was “Only [twice] … in the past century has the choice changed things in a historically significant [positive] way. Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy picked unpromising political hacks who would prove to be uncannily great leaders when death propelled them into the presidency.” Yes on FDR and Truman; half right on JFK and Johnson. LBJ might have been a great domestic president, but was the principal instigator of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. JFK got us started but LBJ made the expansion from advisors to combat troops. The U.S. would be very different today without LBJ's egregious error in Vietnam, just as it would be without Bush's egregious error in Iraq.

Robert Johnston

Little Rock

McClellan's book

It is both painful and alarming to watch the less than articulate performance of Scott McClellan, former press secretary to President Bush, as he tries to explain and defend his published charges of deception by the Bush administration. It is painful because Mr. McClellan stumbles and seems to sometimes contradict himself. And it is alarming because he obviously feels guilty and genuinely concerned about what he sees happening to our country. Mr. McClellan claims that serious, intelligent, thoughtful, deeply patriotic public servants can become so mesmerized by and deeply dedicated to the White House aura that they become fiercely aggressive propagandists, blindly disregarding any evidence contrary to their leaders' policies.

Indeed, the rabid opposing reactions to Mr. McClellan and his book are proof positive of its message. America is in a new civil war.

Joel Taylor

Little Rock

Recycling in the ‘burbs

I lived in Highland, Ill., between 1996 and 2000. Highland is a pleasant and picturesque community in the far eastern 'burbs of St. Louis with a population just under 10,000. Lots of “Old World” charm thanks to the late 19th century German and Swiss immigrants who first settled the area. Lots of Old World thinking as well. Suffice it to say Highland is not a bastion of progressivism.

Nevertheless, Highland's recycling program of the late '90s was several million light years beyond what Little Rock's is today. Trash day was simple. You got one large bag for free to dispose of true garbage. If you needed extra bags for the weekly pick-up; no problem, but each additional bag required a special sticker that you had to purchase at the grocery store in advance for $1. This naturally discouraged unnecessary waste. “Modern day” Little Rock actually encourages such waste with its huge mini-dumpster size curb side trash cans on wheels and tiny recycling bins.

Highland required everything that was made of recyclable materials to actually be recycled. The community recycling center was open six days a week to dispose of cans, bottles or paper between trash pick-up days. A self-serve aluminum can recycling machine in a grocery store parking lot actually doled out quarters as cans were inserted into it. If you want to recycle outside of trash day in “modern day Little Rock,” good luck. Your best bet is the 3-hour window when the recycling dumpsters are in the War Memorial Stadium parking lot on Saturday mornings. And of course, scratch that if the Hogs have a game that afternoon. Pathetic.

James R. Fisher

Little Rock

Stars and God

Paris Hilton is a real pretty woman. I believe that Paris is a good person. My friends at work and I like her very much.

One thing I see wrong and I've studied the Bible for several years. She needs to get her heart fully connected with God and make sure her name goes to the book of the Lamb of Life. In the future, she needs to pay the International Church of Christ in Los Angeles a visit. A few visits would be nice for they approve of dancing.

For my pick of the best overall star is Reese Witherspoon. She is a real good girl and down to earth and also pretty smart. To her, I give an A+.

Fred Williamson

Little Rock


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