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KERBY AND BATTERY'S NEW ALBUM: 'Beautiful and Bright'.
  • KERBY AND BATTERY'S NEW ALBUM: 'Beautiful and Bright'.

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Several releases brewing over at Max Recordings. Kevin Kerby + Battery's “Beautiful and Bright” comes out, in stores and online, on Tuesday, May 12. It's streaming now at maxrecordings.com. Sometime this summer, possibly in June or July, look for a lost album from the Gunbunnies. It's a 12-song demo recorded sometime around 1992 that Warner Bros. paid the band to make, but ultimately decided not to release. Max's Burt Taggart said they sound much more polished than typical demos. Also in the near future: a solo disc from Ho-Hum's Lenny Bryan called “The Sound of Inevitablity.” Taggart says it'll likely be out in June. Also coming: the last EP from Grand Serenade and a solo disc from Dave Raymond (Kyoto Boom, Mulehead).


Videos from the American Princes, the Boondogs, the Good Fear, Claire Holley, VORE and Wishtribe are in the running in the finals of the Arkansas Music Video Competition, the highlight of next Saturday night (May 16) at the Little Rock Film Festival. Each band will perform a short set and the winner will be crowned during the festivities at Revolution.


Read a full-recap of the rain-soaked music at Toad Suck Daze.


The full Riverfest line-up, including all local performers, is online now. Plus, we've got a full rundown, with descriptions, pictures and links of all the headliners and acts in the Arkansas Tent.


For those left wishing they'd stayed up late on a school night to hear Snoop Dogg in concert, we've got a Rock Candy exclusive Q&A with the Doggfather himself about getting turned into wax, loving Johnny Cash, collaborating with Miley Cyrus and appearing on “Martha Stewart.”


Plus, we cover Kris Allen's triumphant (fingers-crossed) run on “American Idol” like the dew.




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