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A&E News, July 17



Korto Momolu, a Little Rock fashion designer who's been featured in the Times, is one of the 16 finalists on cycle 5 of “Project Runway,” which debuted on Wednesday on Bravo. Born in Liberia and raised primarily in Canada, Momolu moved to Little Rock eight years ago with her husband. She's been pursuing fashion full-time for two years.


In conjunction with the Old Statehouse Museum's “Sparkle & Twang — Marty Stuart's American Musical Odyssey” exhibit, Marty Stuart will bring His Fabulous Superlatives for a concert in the Statehouse ballroom on Aug. 23. Tickets go on sale Sunday, July 20. Call 324-9865 for more info.


UCA received the second highest number of warnings about music piracy from the recording industry last year, according to an AP report. Ohio State University topped the list with 2,336 notices, followed by UCA with 1,811.

Those notices won't be leading to huge fines for UCA students anytime soon, though. According to UCA's general counsel Tom Courtway, warnings can't be tied to individual students. IP addresses, the unique numbers assigned to any device connecting to the Internet, shift randomly every time a new on-campus user logs in to UCA's network. In piracy lawsuits, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the trade group that represents the record industry, tries to connect IP addresses to individuals.

Last year, a big group of labels filed suit against 27 John Does with UCA IP addresses in U.S. District Court. Because of the way UCA's network functions, the suit never went anywhere.

But the future looks dim for on-campus music pirates. The College Opportunity and Affordability Act, which includes a provision that would force universities to install network filtering of downloading services or face the loss of federal funding, passed easily in the House in February and should be up for vote in the Senate soon.

For now, Courtway says, “We're complying with the law. We're merely a conduit provider. So until Congress mandates that we have to do something or the courts make some sort of definitive ruling, it's sort of in flux.”


Coming soon: Thick Syrup, in conjunction with Max Recordings, will release the debut from raucous local rockers San Antokyo, “The Big Collapse,” on Aug. 2. A little less than a week later, on Aug. 8, Max will release Loch Ness Monster's “Eleven Traditional Songs.”

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