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A&E News, July 1

GORDY: Pitching to AMC.
  • GORDY: Pitching to AMC.

Graham Gordy, the Little Rock screenwriter behind "War Eagle, Arkansas," is close to selling a TV show to AMC. The cable network bought the pilot and, according to Gordy, is near making a deal for the entire show.

Here's how The Hollywood Reporter described it last week: " 'The Wreck,' set in the world of Southern college football, centers on the high-profile head coach of a once-legendary team that has just finished a losing season. The school gives the coach one last chance to turn the team into winners or he's fired."

Gordy co-created the drama with Michael Fuller, a writer for "The Soup." John Lee Hancock, fresh from directing Sandra Bullock in an Oscar-winning role in "The Blind Side," is on board as executive producer.


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