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What happened to Kristin Scott Thomas, the promising actress who appeared in "The English Patient" and was nominated for an Academy Award?  After that film she appeared in "Mission: Impossible," "The Horse Whisperer," "Random Hearts" and "Life as a House," once commercial (if not confusing) hit and three busts.  She had a small role in Robert Altman's ensemble masterpiece "Gosford Park," in 2001, but then she disappeared from mainstream cinema, returning to France, her home, and appearing in a series of independent, foreign-based films.

In quiet fashion she has she has returned with what critics are describing as a "stunning performance" in the French film "I've Loved You So Long" written and directed by Philippe Claudel in which she plays a women recently released from prison.  Anne Thompson of Variety declared that she is a lock for an Oscar nomination. 

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