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New York magazine film critic David Edelstein is catching hell for his negative review of "The Dark Knight."  Rather than absorb it and move on, he's posted this response on the magazine's website.  He writes, "The fanboys can’t make up their minds: They attack you for snobbery, for treating films like The Dark Knight as unworthy of serious discussion; then they call you a pretentious for engaging with those films beyond the level of “Wow!” (There’s nothing wrong with the level of “Wow!” by the way. I was wowed by the bat-flights in The Dark Knight.)"

More critics are weighing in.  Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gives it four stars.  Kyle Smith of the New York Post and KyleSmithOnline.com gives it three and a half stars.  Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune loves it.  Claudia Puig of USA Today gives it four stars. Both of the Los Angeles trades, Variety and Hollywood Reporter, score it near perfect. 

12 hours, 45 minutes and counting . . .


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