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For those of you coming directly here, I suggest you check out the conversation/ e-mail battle taking place over "The Love Guru" at the Arkansas Blog.  David Koon of the Times has jumped into the mix in response to Philip Martin's column this morning in the Dem-Gaz.  Martin responds, and then Millar fires back with a t-shirt.   Yes, a t-shirt, on sale through the Rock Candy blog.  Talk about rapid response.

Movie discussion in Arkansas hasn't been this exciting in . . . I don't know when.

I still haven't seen "The Love Guru" and, because I'd like to laugh again, I'm taking the advice of A.O. Scott of the New York Times and passing on it.  Maybe there's an argument to giving everything a shot, but when the Metacritic rankings attached to reviews from Scott, Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal and Dana Stevens of Slate (all well-respected in their craft) equal ZERO, it's hard for me to justify paying to see it.  Sorry folks, gas prices are forcing me to make choices (but I'll check out a screener if someone wants to pass it along).

But I did take my money (and a little extra for a Diet Coke) to see "Wanted" which is a roller coaster of a film with curving bullets, dazzling car chases, and Angelina Jolie killing everything in sightl.  It's fun, mindless and bloody as hell, if you like that sort of thing, and it's certain get your heart rate up.  A thorough search on imdb.com revealed that no one born or residing in Arkansas has any identifiable connection to it.

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