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I've been on a David Gordon Green kick in this space lately.  His latest film, "Pineapple Express," will be released in August and it stars Seth Rogen and James Franco (Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the team behind "Superbad," wrote the script).  It's another from the Apatow file, and advance buzz has been building. 

Writes Katey Rich in Film Journal International, "Until recently, independent movie fans might have assumed that they had David Gordon Green pegged. He was the guy who made small-scale, thoughtful dramas, often set in the South, that used cinematography and realistic dialogue to provide a melancholy sense of place and story. Even though his most recent feature, "Snow Angels," was set in New England, it was tender and elegant like all of his other films. . . But those who have been paying attention might have noticed that Green's movies were always a little bit funny, and movies he had championed and produced, like Craig Zobel's "Great World of Sound," were wryly comic as much as they were bluntly realistic. As Green describes it, his desire to make a comedy "wasn't a choice. It was a rash." He continues, "I had a comedy itch that needed to be scratched." So what better way to scratch it than with car chases, massive explosions, and pound upon pound of illegal drugs? With August's "Pineapple Express," Green has changed directions in a way that could be called dramatic, if it weren't so funny." 

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