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I haven't commented much about "W," Oliver Stone's film about President George W. Bush.  I know that Little Rock resident and Channel 7 reporter Anne Pressley has a role in it, but beyond that I know very little.

This week the script leaked, apparently, and several people have been digesting it for accuracy and tone.

The Dallas Morning News writes this piece on the leaked script and observes, "In the film, he is obsessed with baseball, Saddam Hussein and the conflicted relationship with his father. He’s also given to colorful language, which those of us who spent time around his Capitol office know is accurate.Other things ring true. The scene in which an inebriated young Bush crashes the family car and challenges his father to a fistfight really happened.And the suggestion that Vice President Dick Cheney and political adviser Karl Rove often manipulated Mr. Bush’s policy judgments is on the mark — although it was much more subtle than the script seems to suggest. Both have a knack for moving Mr. Bush in a direction without appearing to undercut his authority."

New York Magazine also got a hold of the script and decried it to be the "comedy hit of 2009."  Notes NY Mag, "What concerns us, mostly, isn't the film's accuracy but how funny it is — and W sounds like a laugh riot!" 

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