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Yeah, so I'm the last guy to link to this Wired story on "The Dark Knight" director Chris Nolan and his desire to do real live stunts whenever possible (a big reason why "The Incredible Hulk" and "Indy IV" were creative flops) and his desire to shoot some of the scenes using IMAX technology. 

Observes Scott Brown, "The studio should take heart. Nolan has a cogent Theory of Applied Batmatics: Insist on reality — no effects, no tricks — up to the point where insisting on reality becomes unrealistic. Then, in postproduction, make what is necessarily unreal as real as possible. "Anything you notice as technology reminds you that you're in a movie theater," Nolan explains. "Even if you're trying to portray something fantastical and otherworldly, it's always about trying to achieve invisible manipulation." Especially, he adds, with Batman, "the most real of all the superheroes, who has no superpowers.""

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