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It's Oscar Sunday.  What are your plans?  I'm heading over to watch the ceremony and blog live (here beginning at 6:30) with some friends on a screen the size of my living room.  I shouldn't miss any of the cleavage or asinine red carpet questions.  I'll drink a bit, eat a bit and, like you, watch and see what happens.

David Carr and A.O. Scott have dueling columns in today's New York Times about the awards ceremony.  Carr writes, "So go ahead and bring the tomatoes. When Julian Schnabel, the nominated director of “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” wears pajamas, feel free to suggest that he makes Bjork’s infamous swan outfit from the 2001 ceremony seem demure. Whine when they bypass Tom Wilkinson’s shattering performance as a lawyer in “Michael Clayton” who loses his marbles and regains his humanity. And enjoy the brutal pleasure when some actor makes a stab at gravitas by injecting politics in the big moment and comes off like an airhead instead. You have to see it, right?"

David Edelstein and Lynda Obst debate their picks over at New York Magazine.

Sasha Stone has her No Guts No Glory picks up over at Awards Daily

Kris Tapley of Red Carpet District and In Contention.com will be podcasting throughout the night at TheMovieBlog.com. 

Enjoy the show, and be sure to check back here around 6:30 CST for the start of the running commentary. 

Thanks to Max for the plug on the Arkansas Blog.

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