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Last night's Golden Globes press conference/showcase of the biggest idiots on television turned me off awards season.  The folks NBC was able to pull together to offer running commentary was just dreadful.  And to follow it up, the TV Guide network did a post-game show that was even worse.  Where do they find these clowns?  I would have set it up as an award/analysis show with, say, A.O. Scott of The New York Times, Kenneth Turan of the LA Times and Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post.  Maybe throw in an influential blogger like Anne Thompson or Kris Tapley of Variety, Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere or Sasha Stone of Awards Daily for some added insight.

As for its impact on the race, it won't have any.  Oscar ballots were due before the telecast, so any hope for some momentum building behind a surprise winner (the terrible "Sweeney Todd," for example) is none whatsoever.

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