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"The Kite Runner" opens today at Market Street Cinema.  David Edelstein of New York Magazine writes, "The Afghan boys’ kite-flying contests are the emotional core of the film, and Forster and his crew bring the camera into the sky and make it dip and soar along with the kites. It’s a thrilling spectacle, although it’s also tinged with a peculiarly emasculating aggression: The goal is to wrap your string around your opponent’s string and cut off his kite."  Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post agrees, "For all the pain and loss that "The Kite Runner" depicts, it is still a film of exhilarating, redemptive humanity, conveying an enduring sense of hope."

"The Bucket List," starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is also in Little Rock theaters this weekend.  No one seemed to like it.  David Denby of The New Yorker opines, "“The Bucket List” will quickly be kicked into oblivion, but, at a lifetime-achievement-award ceremony, Nicholson’s tempest will fit nicely into a montage of Crazy Jack moments."  Todd McCarthy of Variety notes, ""The Bucket List" is a feel-good film about death, a sitcom about mortality, "Ikiru" for meatheads. It's also a picture about two cancer patients confronting reality, and deciding how they want to spend their presumed last days, that has not an ounce of reality about it."

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