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"Lions for Lambs," the latest film from Robert Redford stars Tom Cruise as ambitious Republican Senator Jasper Irving, Meryl Streep as Janine Roth, a guilt-ridden journalist, Robert Redford as a disgruntled college professor Stephen Malley, Andrew Garfield as Todd Hayes, a disillusioned student and Michael Pena and Derek Luke as soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan.  At first glance, a cast this impressive should mean gold statues and lots of accolades.  Written by Matthew Michael Carnahan ("The Kingdom"), this is another film to discuss the pressing issues around the War on Terror.  At only 88 minutes, there's a lot of perspective for Redford to cram in.  Unfortunately, it all gets muddied and results in merely another ambitious project lacking in ambition.  While he tries to be fair, it's clear that Redford disagrees with the invasion in Iraq and believes that the starched white collar politicans running the show lack the requisite intellect and historical understanding to know what they're doing.  However in 88 minutes, neither these beliefs or those contrary to them, are explored with any substance.  Of course, for matters this complex, no film, regardless of its run time, may be able to.   

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